Finding the hidden zombie in your network

How do you detect a "botnet", a network of computers infected with malware -so-called zombies - that allow a third party to take control of those machines? The answer may lie in a statistical tool first published in 1966 and brought into the digital age researchers writing this month in the International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics.

Android malware MisoSMS one of the largest botnets to date

A mobile botnet called MisoSMS is giving the Android platform a kick in the botnets, stealing personal SMS messages and sending them to attackers in China.

Microsoft busts Bamital botnet

Microsoft and Symantec say they've taken down a botnet that hit more than eight million computers worldwide.

Android phones hijacked for botnet

If you've downloaded any free Android games recently and don't have an unlimited SMS plan, you may be in for a nasty surprise when the next phone bill hits the mat.

Brand-new PCs found preloaded with malware

Microsoft has discovered that cybercriminals within the hardware supply chain have been pre-installing malware on PCs in China so that they were infected before they were even taken out of the box.

Arizona man imprisoned for renting out botnet

A hacker was given 30 months in prison yesterday for selling command-and-control access to thousands of malware-infected computers.

Spam levels to drop by one fifth

You may notice a dramatic slump in the amount of spam in your inbox over the coming weeks: what's claimed to have been the world's third-largest botnet has been taken down.

Microsoft brings down Kelihos botnet

Microsoft says its taken down another big botnet that was delivering up to four million spam messages per day.

New botnet enslaves millions of PCs in just three months

A newly-discovered botnet is 'practically indestructible', security researchers say.

Rustock takedown cuts global spam, but Bagle botnet takes over

Microsoft's recent take-down of the Rustock botnet saw spam levels drop by a third during March, according to Symantec unit MessageLabs.

Rustock botnet downed in coordinated cyber op

Unknown cyber activists have managed to temporarily down the nefarious spam-spewing Rustock botnet.

Rustock botnet back after Christmas break

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. But, as feared, the Rustock botnet is back, heralding the arrival of millions more spam emails pushing Viagra and penis extension.

There is malware in the Cloud

Unfortunately, the scourge of malware isn't limited to terrestrial-based Windows computing.

Trojan can take over Android phones

A new and very sophisticated Trojan is hitting Android devices in China and endangering users worldwide.

FBI identifies "Mega-D" botnet creator

The FBI is reportedly investigating a Russian man suspected of creating the nefarious "Mega-D" botnet, which infected more than 500,000 computers and sent an average of ten billion spam e-mails per day.

Microsoft seizes botnet domains through legal precedent

Microsoft has defeated the Waledac botnet in court, after a legal decision that could provide a precedent in future cases.

Super hackers taken down in Slovenia

Three men responsible for bringing down the computers of powerful Fortune 1000 companies and international banks have finally been arrested in their home country of Slovenia.

Hijacked Twitter controls botnet

Security researchers have positively identified an automated toolkit that creates a custom bot using Twitter as a virtual command and control (C&C) platform.

Spanish police stamp out butterfly botnet

Another day, another botnet. This time, it has the rather pretty name of Mariposa - it means butterfly - and is believed to be one of the world's largest.

Google botnet attack was 'amateurish'

The Aurora attacks on Google which prompted it to threaten to pull out of China were carried out by a bunch of amateurs, according to security firm Damballa.