Artificial muscles lift 80 times their weight, pave the way for robot Superman

Other than a few models from Boston Dynamics, most robots don\\'t exactly leave us quaking in fear. That might be off the table soon, though, thanks to a breakthrough from researchers at the National University of Singapore (NUS). They\\'ve developed polymer-derived artificial muscles that can stretch out up ...

BigDog robot learns to throw

It's usually the human that throws, and the dog that fetches. But Boston Dynamics' BigDog robot has now been demonstrated hurling cinder blocks across a room.

AlphaDog robot to carry soldiers' kit (video)

Military robotics manufacturer Boston Dynamics has released a video of its latest project - a doglike robot designed for carrying military equipment.

Cheetah military robot can outrun human beings

Boston Dynamics is working on two new robots for DARPA - one agile humanoid and one designed to outpace the fastest human runners.