Social media prompted cops to release bombers' pictures

Last week, thousands of people took to social media in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, hoping to help identify the perpetrators. 

Using cell phone data to beat rush hour

Scientists at MIT recently used cell phone data to track traffic in congested areas of the San Francisco bay area and Boston, Massachusetts. 

How offshore wind can power New York and Boston

There is one thing most people probably don't know about offshore wind.

Claim: Fallout 4 may be set in Boston

We all know that the most current version of Fallout is set in New Vegas, but what about the upcoming iteration of the popular franchise?

Boston high-rises could be turbine towers

Chicago is known as the Windy City, but in truth, Boston is breezier. Beantown has the highest average wind speed of any major city in the United States, at 12.4 mph.

FBI tracks "unsophisticated" Anonymous 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has confirmed the tracking of cyber activists associated with Anonymous in the context of what appears to be an open-ended investigation.

Doxed Barrett Brown looking for a safe house

Barrett Brown, the self-appointed "face" of Anonymous, has been doxed by a group of enigmatic hackers.

Pax East 2010: Where geeks meet the gaming Gods

Excitement was high this afternoon at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, with long lines of hyped, hard-core gamers snaking around several blocks.

Dark Energy showcases Hydrophobia at PAX East 2010

Dark Energy has announced that its upcoming downloadable title "Hydrophobia" will be released exclusively for the Xbox 360. A demo of the game is also being showcased over the weekend at PAX East in Boston, Mass.