Kobo launches slate of new ereaders

The Kobo brand, perhaps best known as the one that was tied to the now-defunct retailer Borders, is looking to grab some new attention for the holiday season.

How smaller print film magazine have manage to survive

With the collapse of the economy, it's been a very hard time for writers.

Still struggling for attention, Borders' e-reader hits $99

It hasn't gotten nearly the attention that its rivals over at Barnes & Noble and Amazon have received, but Borders wants to change that by slashing the prices of its e-readers.

Borders launches new e-book store, Kobo apps

Just like the Kindle and Nook, Borders' Kobo platform is now available on mobile devices as a special app, and also on PCs.

E-Reader madness continues: buy a Kobo, get a $20 gift card

After Amazon chopped down the Kindle 2 price and Barnes & Noble introduced a cheaper Nook, Borders is now offering a $20 gift card to anyone who buys its e-reading device, the Kobo.

Borders launches $150 Kobo eReader

Borders has entered the rather crowded eReader space with the launch of a $150 device dubbed "Kobo."