Is Gary Mitchell the new Star Trek 2 villain?

We may finally know who the Star Trek 2 villain is. And no, it isn't Khan...

Tests confirm 'John the Baptist's bones' could be the real thing

New dating evidence supports claims that bones found under a church floor in Bulgaria could be those of John the Baptist - although of course they could equally well belong to his contemporary Fred the Goatherd.

Research on human corpses puts paid to 'exploding dinosaur' theory

For years, scientists have puzzled over the skeleton of a pregnant ichthyosaur which, while in good condition itself, was surrounded by the scattered bones of its unborn offspring.

3D printer produces 'bones'

Washington State University researchers have printed out a bone-like material that can be used in orthopedic procedures and dental work.

Beer is good for the bones

You can add a daily pint of beer to your health-giving glass of red wine. A new study has found that it's brilliant for increasing bone density and warding off osteoporosis, especially in women. Hic!