Unexploded bombs endanger Gulf of Mexico shipping

Oceanographers will today deliver a warning at a Puerto Rico conference that unexploded bombs beneath the Gulf of Mexico pose a severe threat to shipping, as well as oil and gas rigs.

U.S. military munitions to become even deadlier

A groundbreaking material is slated to replace steel in warhead casings. It will allow U.S. munitions to detonate with more force than ever before, while significantly increasing the chances of eliminating enemy targets.

TSA warns bombs can be implanted into bodies

Hmm. I wish I could say I didn't see this one coming, I really do. But I suppose it is the next logical step for would-be terrorists intent on blowing up airplanes. 

Spray-on nanomaterial can neutralize IEDs

It sounds too good to be true - but US scientists have developed a substance that they say can be sprayed onto suspected explosives to detect and completely neutralize them.

Room-temperature explosives scanner gets a step closer

MIT scientists have come a big step closer to creating an explosives scanner that's safer than X-ray scanning and can detect a wider range of substances.

Al Qaeda wants surgically implanted bombs

A recent post discovered on an Al Qaeda online forum indicates that the nefarious terrorist group may be attempting to surgically implant deadly bombs inside its operatives.

Salman Rushdie wants "Nintendo bombs" dropped on Iran

Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie believes the best way to liberate Iran from its current regime is to bomb the country with Nintendo game consoles and Big Macs.

Blog platform shut down over 'al-Qaeda links'

Thousands of innocent bloggers have had their sites shut down because they shared a platform with organizations promoting terrorism.