Back to the Future Musical Coming in 2015

We all still have mad love for Back to the Future, not just because of the nostalgia for when we first saw it, but because it still holds up very well. Thankfully rumors of a remake are unfounded - the fans would revolt over that, big time - but there is a musical in the works, and it’s slated to debut in London in 2015.

Behind the Back to the Future DeLorean Restoration

Long time readers of TGD know that a team of dedicated car fanatics have restored the original Back to the Future DeLorean, and BTTF’s screenwriter, Bob Gale, helped bring it all together. Now in a new article, written by yours truly, the gang behind the restoration talked about the challenges they faced, as well as how all the work and effort finally paid off. 

Back the Future Creator Bob Gale is Back with Retribution High

One of the best parts of Back to the Future was when George McFly finally grew a pair, knocked Biff Tannen on his ass, and altered the course of his destiny. Tannen was a great villain, and it was great to see Marty McFly’s father give him his just deserts.

Back to the Future DeLorean restoration is complete

Loyal TG readers know we’re big fans of Back to the Future, and we were very excited to report last year that the famous DeLorean time machine was in the process of being restored.

Restoring the Back to the Future DeLorean

There’s still plenty of mad love out there for the 80's classic Back to the Future, and why not? It still holds up after all these years, and it’s one of the most beloved of the early Amblin films, along with Goonies.

Back to the Future hoverboard gets the thumbs up

We recently reported that Mattel will be manufacturing a special limited edition of the Back to the Future hoverboard for collectors.

Trespassers graphic novel gets adapted

Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale is currently adapting a graphic novel called Trespassers - which actually sounds a bit like Peter Jackson's Frighteners.

Structuring Back to the Future

While many screenwriters don't like following rules, they can often be very helpful if applied correctly correctly, and once you learn the rules, well, of course you can always break them.

Screenwriter Bob Gale goes Back to the Future

Back to the Future is apparently going to be hitting its 27th anniversary this summer. Has it really been that long? 

A look back at Back to the Future

Some of my favorite films are time travel stories, including The Time Machine, Terminator, Time After Time, and of course Back to the Future, which thankfully still holds up well today.