Tesla and Nvidia ignite an automotive revolution

Most of you are probably like me, getting really annoyed when you buy a new car and discover it has a media system that is years behind current technology.  

BMW C Evolution electric scooter ready to hit the streets

Much of the hype around BMW with low carbon transportation right now is the to market plans of its i8 plug-in hybrid and i3 electric car, but the automaker is also making steps in greening other parts of its mobility inventory as well. One area in which this is happening is scooters, with news that its new C evolution electric scooter will debut in Europe next year.

BMW i8 plug-in hybrid starts at $135,000+

BMW, against the backdrop of the Frankfurt Auto Show, has unveiled all the information you need to know about its upcoming i8 plug-in hybrid super car. Are you sitting?

95 MPG for BMW's i8 plug-in hybrid?

BMW, hot on the heels of the formal unveiling of its i3 electric car, is now focusing on the other major green vehicle in its “i” stable of low carbon personal transportation.

BMW's electric i3 hits the road

BMW formally unveiled its first mass production electric car, the i3, yesterday to a global audience. It is the first product of the German automaker’s i sub-brand of green cars, and will price for around $41,350 before tax rebates and the like. Release plans here in the United States are set for the second quarter of next year.

BMW details and prices i3 EV

BMW, which recently shared a range of technical specifications on its upcoming first mass produced electric car known as the i3, has now made available official pricing information ahead of its July 29 world debut.

BMW details i3 electric car

BMW has driven a long road towards the development of production-ready electric vehicles for its worldwide audience. Looking back over our archives, we note the first instance we reported on being word of the German automaker testing out its ActiveE electric vehicle concept back in December of 2009.

BMW man drives Samsung's design team

A year ago a series of reports claiming that former BMW designer Chris Bangle joined Samsung sprung up all over the net, but the move was never confirmed and the entire episode was quickly forgotten. 

BMW i3 concept coupe - zeroing in on an EV

BMW, taking another step toward selling electric cars under its i brand sometime later next year, is showcasing its latest concept vehicles at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Video: BMW puts data on the steering wheel

BMW is well known for designing some seriously high tech and popular performance vehicles, including the M3.

BMW C Evolution electric scooter hits Paris runway

Much of the green car buzz around BMW at the upcoming Paris Motor Show will likely focus on the i3 Concept and Concept Active Tourer.

BMW i3 concept spotlights sustainability 

BWM's electric i3 Concept - slated for production in 2013 - will get fresh play at the Paris Motor Show, and the automaker really wants you to stick your head inside the car this time.

BMW C Evolution electric scooter a step closer to road ready

BMW, already invested in electric car deployment plans, has also been teasing electric scooter concepts. 

Tesla designer tips BMW 3-series rival for 2015

Tesla originally kicked off production of its electric vehicle line with the Roadster and only recently began selling its Model S four-door sedan.

BMW rolls out ConnectedDrive 2012

Automakers around the world are making a concerted effort to add new and interesting infotainment systems to their respective vehicles.

The $9,000 EV is here, all 770 pounds of it

There are cars made by BMW called the Mini. There are mini cars, such as Smart Fortwo and the Fiat 500 designed to take advantage of the light weight and easy maneuverability of a small frame.

Video: BMW pimps sleek i8 Concept Spyder

BMW has been pimping its slick i8 concept car for a while in a hardtop form. Recently, several new videos surfaced - depicting an open-top version of the i8 dubbed the "i8 Spyder Concept."

BMW touts 2013 M6 convertible and coupe

BMW has released a number of new images showcasing its latest M model, the sleek 2013 M6.

BMW kicks off EV Electronauts program

Calling all Electronauts! Come in Electronauts! Please report at once to the BMW Mothership for an important announcement!

BMW Active5 Hybrid rolls out in March 2012

BMW introduced its ActiveHybrid 5 concept at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show last year, and the luxury hybrid sedan is currently slated to roll out in March 2012.