Wireless gadgetry in cars to grow 41% in next 4 years

Remember when you thought it was cool your car had a USB socket? Well, geezer, automotive infortainment is going to leave you behind and make someone else really rich. That's right, the blue screen of death will eventually mean, well, the blue screen of death. 

What's up next for Bluetooth?

A purported roadmap has reportedly been leaked from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), supposedly revealing what features the next three iterations of the wireless protocol will offer both devs and users.

An Android-powered Peloton Bike?

Designed from the ground up by Peloton in NYC, the Peloton bike merges a slick design with modern technology powered by Google's popular mobile Android operating system.

Where does Google Glass rank on the douche-wear scale?

Douches rule the world. There is empirical proof of that. They are everywhere. Google Glass will be their mind control mechanism. It will also stop all procreation. You have been warned non-douches. 

txtr beagle lands in the US for $69

It's been a while since we last discussed the txtr beagle eReader from Germany. As you may recall, we mentioned the little device back in October of 2012 when it first surfaced with a price of €10, working out to about $13 here in the US.

Cloudrobot fighters bring Real Steel beat-downs in mini

If you grew up in the 80's, odds are you probably remember the Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots - little red and blue plastic robots with manual handles and buttons.

MK802 III PC-on-a-stick gets revamped

Rikomagic has upgraded its recently launched MK802 III PC-on-a-stick with Bluetooth, an ESD circuit for improved stability and software support for shutdown mode.

iCade 8-bitty mobile gaming controller now shipping

ThinkGeek first began showcasing its iCade 8-bitty mobile gaming controller earlier this year.

Android iMpulse game controller gets kickstarted

I'm sure there are plenty of gamers out there who aren't exactly thrilled with the current state of touchscreen controls for mobile devices.

SteelSeries preps Android-iOS Bluetooth gaming controller

SteelSeries is preparing to roll out a slick new Bluetooth gaming controller for Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft touts Windows 8 hardware

The latest iteration of Microsoft's flagship operating system lands this October for x86 PCs and ARM-powered tablets.

Samsung buys chipmaker's mobile unit

Samsung's beefing up its patent pile with the acquisition of British chip firm CSR's mobile connectivity and location technology business.

New chip 1,000 times faster than Bluetooth

An international research team has designed a high speed wireless technology that is apparently 1,000 times faster than Bluetooth.

Blackberry launches accessory for easy music streaming

RIM's launched a rather nifty little gadget at the BlackBerry World Conference: the BlackBerry Music Gateway.

Brydge iPad keyboard hits Kickstarter

There are a number of keyboards on the market today that facilitate quick and easier typing for users of Apple's wildly popular iPad.

iPavement makes the road a web hotspot

Personally, I think wiring cities for widespread Internet access is a very good idea indeed.

This keyboard is a wireless projection

Elecom has debuted a wireless projection keyboard that connects to a PC or mobile device via Bluetooth.

Samsung introduces Bluetooth 3D glasses

In a market where 3D is failing because it's way too expensive, Samsung has introduced a more expensive 3D option.

Are solar billboards the future of digital advertising?

If big business can snag attention with electronic billboards, why not the little guy, too?

Apple buys Wi-Gear, wants stereo Bluetooth headphones

Apple has reportedly acquired a small Bluetooth wireless headphone designer in San Francisco.