Coraline Blu-ray 3D breaks away from Panasonic exclusivity

It's a symbolic move demonstrating the Blu-ray 3D format is ready to stand on its own two feet.

TDK touts 1 TB optical disc at Ceatec 2010 

TDK is showcasing a sleek optical disc with a capacity of 1 terabyte at Ceatec 2010 in Japan.

Pioneer enters 3D market with Blu-ray players

Because the 3D takeover of the world won't be complete under every consumer electronics manufacturer puts out a line of 3D products, Pioneer has unveiled its flagship 3D-enabled Blu-ray players that also come with expanded online connectivity.

Giada touts Ion-based ultra-mini PC

Giada Technology is showcasing its Ion-based, ultra-mini PC at Nvidia’s GPU Conference in San Jose, California.

Hackers crack HDCP code

Hackers have managed to crack an Intel-developed encryption code that is currently used by a number of industry heavyweights to secure high-definition video content and devices.

Disney-Sony pact further chokes Blu-ray 3D market

Disney and Sony have just announced a pact to bring Alice in Wonderland and Bolt on Blu-ray 3D exclusively to Sony 3D TV customers, adding to a tangle of exclusivity deals that is ultimately afflicting consumers.

Disney puts out PS3 game and a Blu-ray movie on one disc

Disney is taking advantage of a technology that more content developers should be. The studio has released a special edition version Blu-ray Disc that allow users to watch the original Toy Story movie and play the Toy Story 3 movie-based game without swapping discs.

Star Wars is going Blu-ray

May the Force be with you! Yes, the Star Wars saga is set to be re-released in Blu-ray format, with all six movies expected to hit store shelves in Fall 2011.

Rambus optimizes DDR3 memory controller for HDTVs

Rambus has introduced a high-performance, low-cost DDR3 memory controller for HDTVs, Blu-ray players and digital set-top boxes.

Plextor touts $99 USB Blu-ray drive

Plextor has introduced an ultra-affordable, external Blu-ray drive at a $99 price point.

3D gaming is not a fad

3D gaming may be a relatively nascent medium, but the Executive Director of the S-3D Gaming Alliance tells TG Daily it is here to stay.

Sharp launches first 100GB Blu-ray disks and drives

Sharp has launched the first 100GB Blu-Ray disks based on the BDXL format, announced last month by the Blu-ray Disk Association.

Apple dismisses Blu-ray entirely

If you're waiting for a Mac that will come with a Blu-ray Disc drive, you may want to give up. Steve Jobs says the high-capacity format will quickly become useless.

Quadruple-layer Blu-ray Disc stores massive 128 GB of data

One single Blu-ray Disc can now store more than 27 times the capacity of a standard DVD, as the Blu-ray Disc Association has approved a quad-layer "BDXL" standard.

World's fastest Blu-ray computer drive coming next month

Samsung has engineered a Blu-ray PC drive that has a BD-ROM read speed of 12x, a combo drive that is faster than any other competing product on the market.

Toshiba launches 3D-ready laptop

Toshiba has introduced a 3D-ready laptop powered by Nvidia’s Vision technology.

Sony won't force exclusivity with Blu-ray 3D content

Sony Pictures has just announced its first 3D Blu-ray title, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. And unlike other content available now, it will be available as a standalone disc.

Blockbuster On Demand comes to Toshiba Blu-ray players

As it struggles to compete with Netflix's streaming video service, Blockbuster has just landed a deal with Toshiba to offer its on-demand movies directly through new Blu-ray players.

Nvidia kicks off 3D PC revolution at Computex 2010

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang kicked off Computex 2010 with a keynote speech that highlighted the company's efforts to promote a 3D PC revolution.

Google TV hits the airwaves

Google has confirmed that it is working with Sony and Logitech to include its open TV platform in televisions, Blu-ray players and set top boxes.