Why Netflix is in trouble

I find the history of home entertainment absolutely fascinating. Ever since my family got its first VCR, the fact that you could watch a movie at home was simply amazing to me.

Geeks just can't get enough Blu-ray

It seems as if hardcore sci-fi geeks just can't get enough of their favorite films on Blu-ray.

Star Wars Blu-ray shatters the geek Force

Maybe the Force isn't so strong with the geeks after all.

The Twilight Zone - sharper than ever on Blu-ray

Carol Serling, the widow of Rod Serling and keeper of the Twilight Zone flame, often expresses amazement that The Twilight Zone still keeps going year after year. 

Citizen Kane celebrates its 70th anniversary on Blu-ray

Citizen Kane - widely considered the greatest film of all time - is a movie that inspired many famous directors in its wake.

Lucas needs to stop the madness

As you probably already know by now, there's been an absolutely hilarious disturbance in the Force.

More rumored changes to the Star Wars Blu-ray edition

Are these changes really on the discs, or is each of them just a hoax?

Celebrating Scarface on Blu-ray

Considering that so many people now love Scarface, it's hard to believe the movie was actually deemed a flop when it first hit theaters in December 1983. 

3.5 million 3D Blu-ray Discs sold, with a footnote

Around 3.5 million Blu-ray 3D movies have been sold to consumers in the US, but only half of them were really purchased.

Wii U will not play DVD or BD movies

Although Nintendo's next console aims to push the envelope, it won't have what many gamers have come to consider a standard feature.

Star Wars comes to Blu-ray with 40+ hours of content

The first official release of Star Wars on a high-definition disc medium will be on September 16.

Viewers physically more focused when watching Blu-ray 3D

A new study looked at bodily activity while viewers watched Blu-ray 3D movie.

Limited edition Scarface Blu-ray set will cost $1000

Would you pay $1,000 for the ultimate collector's edition of Scarface?

3D Blu-ray players already dominate in Japan

Ask someone in America if they have a 3D Blu-ray player and they'll probably either say they can't afford one, don't have a 3D TV, or - the most likely - they have no idea what you're talking about. But ask the same question in Japan, and your response is likely to be very different.

Sony more obsessed with 3D than ever

A lot of companies have 3D fever these days, but few can match the ferver and sheer breadth of 3D material available from Sony at this year's CES expo.

"Netflix button" coming soon to a remote near you

Is Netflix's instant streaming service so ubiquitous now that it deserves a permanent big red button on our remote controls? What do you think?

Pioneer enters Blu-ray 3D race

It took a while, but Pioneer has finally launched its first set of Blu-ray 3D players, offering customers the class and elegance it is known for in its electronics. And, get this, there's iPhone support.

Avatar Blu-ray 3D tied to Panasonic until 2012

Avatar is available on Blu-ray 3D today. It's perhaps the best showcase title to demonstrate the power of the new 3D medium. But...if you don't own or plan to own a Panasonic 3D TV, the only way to get a copy is to buy a $400 bundle that you can't use with your TV, or get one from a scalper on Ebay.

Blu-ray 3D versions of Avatar going for up to $400

If you had a snazzy brand new 3D TV and an expensive Blu-ray 3D player, what's the number one movie you'd want to watch? Avatar? Unfortunately for you, it's pretty exclusive right now.

First Blu-ray 3D porn movie strips in the wild

Yes! The world's first Blu-ray 3D porn movie is here - just in time for the holidays!