Viewers physically more focused when watching Blu-ray 3D

A new study looked at bodily activity while viewers watched Blu-ray 3D movie.

Disney plans a whole lot of Blu-ray 3D titles

When Disney goes for something, it really goes all the way. And having found early success with Blu-ray 3D, it's now planning an avalanche of titles, including going into the vault and turning classic 2D movies into 3D.

Samsung's world's thinnest Blu-ray 3D player

Samsung always has a lot to show at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, but one of the most eye-popping things will be its introduction of the world's sleekest Blu-ray 3D player.

Pioneer enters Blu-ray 3D race

It took a while, but Pioneer has finally launched its first set of Blu-ray 3D players, offering customers the class and elegance it is known for in its electronics. And, get this, there's iPhone support.

Avatar Blu-ray 3D tied to Panasonic until 2012

Avatar is available on Blu-ray 3D today. It's perhaps the best showcase title to demonstrate the power of the new 3D medium. But...if you don't own or plan to own a Panasonic 3D TV, the only way to get a copy is to buy a $400 bundle that you can't use with your TV, or get one from a scalper on Ebay.

Blu-ray 3D versions of Avatar going for up to $400

If you had a snazzy brand new 3D TV and an expensive Blu-ray 3D player, what's the number one movie you'd want to watch? Avatar? Unfortunately for you, it's pretty exclusive right now.

James Cameron promises: after Blu-ray 3D, no more Avatar

After multiple theatrical runs and two separate home video releases, Avatar still needs to be released on the Blu-ray 3D format. But after that, James Cameron will stop peddling the movie around.

Disney-Sony pact further chokes Blu-ray 3D market

Disney and Sony have just announced a pact to bring Alice in Wonderland and Bolt on Blu-ray 3D exclusively to Sony 3D TV customers, adding to a tangle of exclusivity deals that is ultimately afflicting consumers.

Samsung touts portable 3D Blu-ray player

Sasmung has introduced a portable Blu-ray player capable of rendering 1080p HD video and smooth 3D playback.

Nvidia enables 3D Blu-ray playback on GeForce GPUs

Nvidia has enabled 3D Blu-ray playback on GeForce GPUs with the introduction of its Release 256 family of drivers.