Twitter buys Posterous, but hints at closure

Twitter is buying blogging company Posterous, in a deal that seems targeted at the company's engineers, rather than its product, and could see Posterous Spaces closed down.

AOL/HuffPo streamroller shuts down Download Squad

The iron fisted AOL-HuffPo combo has squashed yet another unfortunate victim, with the Download Squad uncermoniously being forced into early retirement

Saudi Arabia bans blogging without a licence

Freedom of speech organizations are condemning a decision by the Saudi Arabian government to force all online ewspapers and bloggers to register with the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Microsoft shifts bloggers to WordPress

Microsoft's abandoning its Live Spaces blogging platform following a deal with WordPress that will see its 30 million users move to the Automattic platform.

Internet is the 'crystallization of human wisdom', says China

The Chinese government has decided it likes the internet after all - even micro-blogging services like Twitter.

Twitter launches embeddable tweets

Twitter will today launch a new feature allowing tweets to be embedded within documents.