Hubble images become tactile 3-D experience for the blind

Three-dimensional printers are transforming the business, medical, and consumer landscape by creating a vast variety of objects, including airplane parts, football cleats, lamps, jewelry, and even artificial human bones.

Wirelss bionic eye being developed at university

Australia's Monash University is developing a new bionic eye that uses seminal wireless technology to communicate with a processor that sits inside the brain, allowing blind people to discern shapes through  a series of mapping dots when they put on a pair of sunglasses.

Eye implant helps blind patients 'read' Braille

A new device that allows blind patients to see words by stimulating the light-sensitive part of the eye has been developed by researchers.

Novel retinal implant could give full vision to the blind

Researchers say they're close to a retinal implant that could restore normal vision to the blind.

Blind people can echolocate using visual center of brain

Canadian researchers have discovered just how some blind people are able to navigate accurately using the same echolocation technique as bats and dolphins.

Car for the blind to debut at Daytona

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) and Virginia Tech are developing a new  car that can be driven safely by a blind person - and plan  to demonstrate it on the famous Daytona International Speedway track next year.

Project makes a million books available to the blind

A new initiative has pledged to double the number of books available to blind or dyslexic people, taking the number up to more than one million — from classic 19th century fiction and current novels to technical guides and research materials.