Producer of Blade Runner Passes Away At 106

When the news hit that Sir Run Run Shaw was going to retire at the tender age of 104, it was really remarkable news that he made it this far. Yes, if you take good care of yourself, you can go to 100 and beyond, and 104 is definitely a good age to think about slowing down and taking it easy.

Ridley Scott Talks the Future of the Prometheus and Blade Runner Sequels

Ridley Scott surprised many when he announced there would be a sequel to Blade Runner. There’s also been plans in the works for some time about another Prometheus movie, which came out to mixed reviews, but it certainly has its fans.

Could Harrison Ford Be Back For Blade Runner 2?

There have been rumors of another Blade Runner movie for quite some time, and while we wouldn’t be surprised if Ridley Scott directs another installment to the classic Philip K Dick story, we’ve been very dubious about another rumor going around that claims Harrison Ford may be returning.  

The Master Designer of Elysium, Blade Runner, and Tron

Syd Mead may not be a household name, but among genre fans he’s a god, the man who designed Blade Runner, Tron, Aliens, and many other titles, leading up to Elysium. (Director Neill Blomkamp is a huge Mead fan, which is why he hired him on to design Elysium. Just imagine what he could have done for the Halo film that didn’t come together.) 

We Can Rebuild Him: David Duffy's Exploration into Philip K. Dick's Robotic Resurrection

Thirty years after the release of Blade Runner, with a remake of Total Recall on the horizon, the work of Philip K. Dick continues to find its way into our cinemas and minds. How did the visions of a paranoid loner become the most relevant science fiction of ...

The disastrous early Blade Runner reactions

True film fans shouldn’t be fans of the test screening process. It goes a long way towards homogenizing movies, and the major studios put too much faith in the score cards.

The importance of blue-screen technology

We’ve all seen those science movies in school, or parodies of them. Without this element or compound, here’s all the things we wouldn’t have in life. Then you think about blue-screen special effects.

Will we ever see a Blade Runner sequel?

The planned sequel to Blade Runner is an odd thing. Ridley Scott had only made two sci-fi movies in his life, Alien and Blade Runner, but he finally went back to the Alien universe with Prometheus.

Keeping a sci-fi legend alive

We recently confirmed that there will be plenty of Philip K. Dick adaptations made in the near future, and its certainly great to see the author's legacy continuing some thirty years after his death.

More Phillip K. Dick adaptations on the way

Philip K. Dick’s works are the basis for some of the most memorable genre films of our time.

Blade Runner and Alien universes may be the same

An extra on the Prometheus Blu-ray indicates that Sir Peter Weyland once knew Dr. Eldon Tyrell.

Blade Runner gets a new trailer

The summer of 1982 has long been celebrated as a magical time for genre films. 

Prometheus sequel is in the works

Although it garnered mixed reviews and audience response, there is apparently a Prometheus sequel in the works. 

Tron hits 30

It’s preaching to the converted, and we’ve preached long and loud about this many times, but the summer of 1982 was a hell of a time for genre fans.

First Prometheus reviews are in

Whether it’s truly a prequel or has it’s roots in Alien, genre fans have been waiting with bated breath for Ridley Scott’s return to world of sci-fi with Prometheus. 

Alien DNA is in Prometheus

It's really shaping up to be one amazing genre summer at the movies.

The great sci-fi summer of ‘82

We’ve said it many times, but it always bears repeating... 1982 was the greatest year for genre movies, and it was a feast for film fans practically every week.

Ridley Scott teases full Prometheus trailer

More may be less in some instances, but certainly not when it comes to Ridley Scott’s hotly anticipated sci-fi thriller Prometheus.

The Blade Runner saga continues

We know how rumors and speculation can get totally out of hand on the 'Net, as it happens practically every other second. 

No, Harrison Ford won't revisit Blade Runner

Rumors of Harrison Ford returning for another Blade Runner film spread like wildfire across the 'Net over the past few days, but were doused almost as quickly.