Blackberry Playbook rumored to run Android apps

If there was ever any doubt of just how dominant Android has become in the mobile space, there's a new rumor circulating that should just about seal the lid on any such debate.

Android skyrockets while Blackberry tumbles

Some new numbers from mobile industry tracker Comscore are in, and the picture they paint is so extremely stark it's almost eye-popping.

Would you ditch Android or BlackBerry for the iPhone?

Would you ditch Android or BlackBerry for the iPhone? If so, you are not alone. Indeed, over 54% of Verizon subscribers who use Android or BlackBerry smartphones are ready to make the big switch.

Blackberry cannot comply with security requests in India

After being told it had to prevent encrypted e-mails being sent over Blackberry mobile servers, Research in Motion has come forth to say it simply cannot comply with that request.

RIM sets million-unit Playbook goal

We're seeing a bit of what's inside Research in Motion's Playbook playbook, as the company has ordered a million units to be produced from its overseas manufacturing partners.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server headed to the Cloud

RIM is reportedly preparing to debut a Cloud-based version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) by the end of 2011.

Blackberry to start censoring porn

Research in Motion is folding to government pressure in Indonesia, where the company faces complete shutdown of its Internet service unless it begins to censor pornographic websites.

Blackberry market share plummets, Android skyrockets

The latest numbers are in for the mobile phone market, and even though most of the statistics historically don't change all that radically in the span of a few months, there's no other word to describe the cataclysmic shift happening with RIM and Google.

Sprint brings Blackberry Playbook to 4G stratosphere

While Research in Motion's upcoming tablet isn't gaining a whole lot of buzz, the news at CES that Sprint will release a 4G version of it in several months is starting to turn some heads.

Whiny RIM denies Playbook battery reports

Research in Motion's iPad competitor, the Blackberry Playbook, was back in the news this week for all the wrong reasons. And now the company is striking back, saying reports over the device's poor battery life are false.

Sergeant, drop and give Android or iPhone

Whether it's in intelligence bases on US soil or on the front lines in Afghanistan, the United States Army is currently considering a proposal to give smartphones to every one of its soldiers.

Blackberry developers get free Playbooks

In a move to get more people interested in developing for its upcoming tablet device, Research in Motion is offering a free Playbook to anyone who submits an app for the gadget and gets it accepted.

Apple and Android "most desired" but Blackberry "most used"

Despite the fact that there are twice as many people who want Android and iPhone as those who want Blackberry, the latter platform is pulling in more usage than any of its competitors.

Blackberry Playbook will be less than $500

While not much has been said of Research in Motion's Blackberry OS-based iPad killer since it was first announced a few months ago, recent speculation does show it has one thing going for it: an affordable price.

Droid Pro will focus on enterprise users

Right on schedule, Verizon and Motorola have announced details of the Droid Pro, the first Droid device to have connectivity availability in areas outside of North America. Verizon hopes to entice business customers with the new global handset.

Dell scraps 25,000 corporate Blackberries

In another blow to the future of RIM's Blackberry brand, Dell has announced it will terminate its corporate Blackberry contract and will give all of its employees brand new Dell mobile phones as a replacement.

Android captures 44% of US smartphone sales

Android continued its triumphant march forward during the third quarter of 2010 by capturing an impressive 44 percent of US consumer smartphone sales.

Apple vs. Google vs. RIM vs. TweetDeck: Why losers and winners shouldn't trash talk

Don’t get me wrong - the kind of drama going on in the tech world right now is like candy to a baby for me and I certainly don’t want it to stop.  

Research in Motion sets up dedicated Mideast service

After facing a huge threat that the United Arab Emirates would completely suspend service to some Blackberry services, the manufacturer of Blackberry handsets has set up a special service agreement with the area.

Are BlackBerry owners more malicious?

Benign envy sells iPhones, but malicious envy impels people to buy BlackBerries, new research has found.