On BlackBerry Messenger and the London riots

Every time anything newsworthy happens, concerned citizens take to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, spreading text, images and videos.

Analyst: iPhone 5 could double iOS market share

The next version of the iPhone is poised to gather a whole lot of attention.

RIM announces two new versions of Blackberry Torch

Research in Motion has just lifted the veil on two new versions of its most recent Blackberry phone.

Android may be top OS, but Apple is top manufacturer

Google's Android operating system currently claims the largest share of the U.S. consumer smartphone market with a very impressive 39%.

RIM plans to cut 2,000 jobs

The latest step in trying to save the sinking ship that is Blackberry maker Research in Motion is quite a drastic one.

RIM calls Playbook cancellation rumor "pure fiction"

There is absolutely no truth to speculation that the WiFi version of the Blackberry Playbook is being canned, RIM says.

46% of consumers want an iPhone, only 32% for Android

According to a recent ChangeWave survey, up to 46% of consumers planning to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days say they'll choose an Apple iPhone. 

Analyst: RIM must split to save itself

A prominent analyst believes the ailing Research in Motion (RIM) should be split into two parts: a phone business and a network operations division.

After delays, RIM prepares 7 new phones

Blackberry maker RIM is finally ready to introduce new smartphones to the market.

RIM loses another million mobile users

New data about the makeup of the mobile market is not very favorable for RIM.

RIM argues back against disgruntled employee

RIM's been forced to defend itself after an open letter purporting to be written by a member of the company's senior management was published online.

Report: Android smartphones plagued by high failure rate

A recently published survey claims Android smartphones suffer from a relatively high failure rate, at least compared to Apple, Microsoft and RIM.

Android top dog in smartphone market, iPhone second

According to ComScore’s latest ranking, Google’s Android is the top smartphone operating system in the U.S., with Apple's iPhone (iOS) weighing in at second place and RIM's BlackBerry lagging behind at third.

Feds ditch Blackberry for Apple

The federal government, State Department, Army, NASA and the Department of Veterans Affairs are all in the process of (slowly) replacing aging BlackBerries with devices powered by Apple's iOS.

Blackberry Playbook goes international next month

Unfazed by its recent Playbook recall in the US, Research in Motion has firmed up plans to release the device in the UK.

RIM recalls faulty Playbooks

This is the last thing Research in Motion needs to have in the headlines.

Apple laughs as Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook delayed yet again

Well, this comes as a complete shock! Yes, it seems as if Sprint is delaying the launch of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook yet again.

Rumor: 10-inch Playbook in the works

Research in Motion is reportedly looking to super-size its recently launched Playbook tablet.

Carriers cut back on plans to create mobile payments network

Three prominent wireless carriers are apparently scaling back a joint mobile payments initiative known as Isis.

Bing signs on as new Blackberry search engine

Microsoft's search platform will now become an integral part of RIM's Blackberry mobile OS.