Playbook OS update delayed to 2012

The firmware update that will bring many features to the Blackberry Playbook that critics say should have been included in the first place, has been delayed to next year.

70% of enterprise Blackberry users don't want to switch

The majority of people who own a company Blackberry may not have the desire or ability to switch to an iPhone or Android phone, but there's a growing group that does.

BlackBerry announces new BBX OS

Research In Motion's announced its next operating platform for the BlackBerry, BBX, which it hopes will help it fight off competition from Apple and Android - and perhaps distract attention from last week's massive service outage.

RIM offers free apps as apology for outage

Research in Motion is trying to make good after last week's Blackberry outage gave yet another sting to the fledgling smartphone brand.

Chain message circulates among BlackBerry users as service outage subsides

Research In Motion says it's got most non-North American users back online in Europe, although many are still having trouble with web access.

Blackberry outage hits four continents

A Blackberry outage that first struck earlier this week has only continued to expand and create another headache for Research in Motion.

Leaked pic: BB Messenger on Android

If this picture is a sign of things to come, Research in Motion may have come one step closer to throwing in the towel.

RIM insists PlayBook won't be axed

A RIM spokesperson has denied that the moribund BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will soon be discontinued.

Blackberry Playbook price drops

It's usually not a good sign when retailers cut the price of a gadget that hasn't received an official price cut from the manufacturer.

T-Mobile's new Blackberry is just $80

It seems Blackberry may still have one edge over iPhones and Androids - they're cheaper.

Verizon CEO predicts Blackberry demise

Verizon only sees room for three smartphone platforms in this market and doesn't envision Blackberry as one of them.

Blackberry Playbook price likely to be slashed

After sluggish sales and continuing steep drops in market share, there's only one thing can save the Blackberry Playbook.

New Blackberry phones can play Android apps

There is a lot more coming to Research in Motion's next batch of Blackberry phones than just a new operating system.

New Blackberry Curve models introduced

Not one to leave a sinking ship, Research in Motion has just pumped out three new versions of its entry-level Blackberry Curve device.

Silicon Valley falls out of love with Obama

Silicon Valley is apparently falling out of love with President Obama. 

Why, you ask?

New Blackberry phone hitting T-Mobile August 31

The Blackberry smartphone brand will finally be revived at the end of the month.

Sprint kills 4G Playbook plans

This is not good news for the fate of the Blackberry brand. The one device that seemed to bring a shimmer of hope back to Blackberry and company Research in Motion, just lost a big supporter.

Claim: iPhone is the cheapest to support

Apple fans don’t really need additional reasons to worship at the altar of Steve Jobs, but they’re getting them anyways.

BlackBerry hacked as UK riots rage on

As word of Mark Duggan's controversial death spread over BlackBerry Messenger and various social networking sites, civil unrest ensued with violent riots breaking out in the streets of London and other British cities.

Meet Colt, the first QNX Blackberry phone

What you are looking at here is what could very well be Research in Motion's last chance to prove its relevance in the smartphone market.