RIM will no longer combine CEO and chairman position

2012 will be one of Research in Motion's most challenging years yet, but it's already making structural changes that will help bring the Blackberry brand back to prominence.

Former RIM CEO buys $50 million in RIM stock

Mike Lazaridis may no longer be one of the front men at Research in Motion but he's still as ardent as ever in his belief that it can thrive in an iPhone and Android world.

RIM RIP? How Heins can help save the company

RIM got a new CEO this week, yet it is still quite easy to write the corporation off.

Samsung strongly denies RIM buyout rumors

Samsung is vehemently denying a report that claimed it considered an acquisition proposal to buy struggling mobile company Research in Motion.

Two new Blackberry Playbooks in 2012

Although the flagship Playbook tablet has been a commercial flop, RIM wants to keep the brand alive.

In-Porsche concept uses QNX

Research in Motion is looking at new ways to stay relevant in a world where there's little room for Blackberry phones.

Playbook update revealed, but no one cares

Research in Motion chose CES to be the launching pad for the new version of its Playbook tablet OS.

Mass Playbook price cut underscores RIM trouble

Every single Playbook model, from the 16 GB version to the one with 64 GB, are now officially priced at $299.

Volkswagen limits employee Blackberry access

Volkswagen has taken the radical step of telling its employees that when they're off the clock, they can't check in on work stuff.

RIM pushes back new Blackberry platform

If you needed to see another nail in Research in Motion's coffin, how about news that the company is delaying its big software upgrade?

RIM ordered not to use 'BBX' moniker

As if Research in Motion needed any more bad news, it has just been ordered by a judge not to use the name "BBX" because it already belongs to another trademark owner.

RIM executives caught drunk on a plane

Two high-ranking employees at Research in Motion forced a China-bound flight to be diverted to Vancouver where they were forced off the plane and charged with criminal conduct.

Get ready for the BlackBerry PlayBook fire sale

The TouchPad didn’t fly off store shelves until Hewlett Packard (HP) slashed the price of the webOS tablet to $99.

Two new Blackberries generate little hype

Research in Motion has just unveiled two new phones powered by its latest Blackberry 7 software, but unlike Android and iPhone announcements these days, we're left wondering "Who cares?"

Windows Phone wins over Blackberry devs

For the first time, developers are more interested in creating apps for Windows Phone than Blackberry, a further punch in the gut to the fledgling Research in Motion smartphone line.

Google pulls Gmail Blackberry app

Google will end support for the Blackberry version of its Gmail app, a decision that is yet another blow to the once dominant business-centric phone brand.

Smartphone owners are becoming the majority

Owning a smartphone is no longer something for the elite and tech junkie crowd.

Android nabs #2 spot for mobile browsing

The browser that comes built-in with Google's Android operating system has just become the second most popular mobile browser.

Playbook still not selling after price cuts

Despite slashing prices by at least $200 in the US, Research in Motion is having trouble convincing people to buy its flagship Blackberry tablet.

Blackberry outage sparks consumer lawsuits

The massive Blackberry outage earlier this month that left millions without mobile service for days is now the subject of a sweeping lawsuit.