RIM officially axes 16 GB Playbook

The version of the Playbook that was such a flop RIM could barely even give them away for free, is no more.

RIM's future in doubt as financial warning issued

Research In Motion is set to announce that it's sitting on a pile of unsold Blackberrys worth more than $1 billion.

Another RIM exec jumps ship

It seems anyone with an important title at Research in Motion is jumping away before it's too late.

Government execs ditch BlackBerry for iPhone and Android

There was a time when BlackBerry maker RIM dominated the rather lucrative enterprise and government spaces.

RIM pledges devotion to physical keyboards

If you're the kind of person who can't live without a real keyboard on your phone, then Blackberry is the brand for you.

RIM woos developers with BlackBerry prototype giveaway

RIM's released a prototype version of its upcoming phone for the BlackBerry 10 operating system, and is distributing around 2,000 to developers.

LTE Playbook reportedly confirmed

There's a new report out that Research in Motion is working on a 4G LTE-powered Playbook tablet.

Blackberry launches accessory for easy music streaming

RIM's launched a rather nifty little gadget at the BlackBerry World Conference: the BlackBerry Music Gateway.

Blackberry 10 phone due out October: report

What will perhaps be Blackberry's last chance to stay alive will launch in about six months.

QNX-equipped Porsche picks up a few new tricks with AT&T's Watson

We recently discussed a Porsche 911 convertible that was fully equipped with RIM QNX technology.

RIM backpeddles in Playbook side-loading row

After gaining a lot of controversy, RIM says it will not disable Android app side-loading for the Playbook tablet.

Playbook update will cut off Android app "side-loading"

The ability to load any practically any Android app on the Blackberry Playbook is about to be axed.

Android now commands 50.1% of US smartphone market

Google's mobile operating system is now on the majority of smartphones in the US.

The iPhone overtakes RIM in Canada

Research in Motion's Blackberry brand is now struggling to be the leader in the company's home market of Canada.

RIM says Blackberry apps are on the way

Research in Motion is the white elephant in the Mobile World Congress room this week, but it's there to assure that its time is far from over.

Blackberry Playbook 2.0 OS is now live

Research in Motion has just launched what it hopes will be a jolt to its fledgling Playbook tablet device.

RIM says Blackberry apps are popular

We're not sure if this is RIM toting its usual "nothing's wrong" attitude or just a new strategy to encourage people to stay with the Blackberry brand.

Android developers get free Playbooks

The Playbook has been so underwhelming that some have quipped that Research in Motion "couldn't even give them away."

New Blackberry picture leaked

This is what the next generation of Blackberry smartphones will apparently look like.

Are Android users easy?

Well, this is worth knowing: Android users are more likely to have sex on a first date, according to a Canadian survey.