CoD: Black Ops 2 generates $500 million in 24 hours

Activision has confirmed that the long-awaited Call of Duty: Black Ops II generated a staggering $500 million in just 24 hours after its initial release.

Video: Black Ops II zombie gameplay is in the wild

Quite a lot of anticipation has been building around the launch of Activision's upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops II video game.

CoD: Black Ops 2 zombie trailer builds the weapons

New Zombies mode allows players to build weapons.

Treyarch blasts those who criticize CoD engine

Famed Call of Duty developer Treyarch is shrugging off criticisms about its aging game engine.

CoD: Black Ops 2 trailer goes multiplayer

Single player CoD action is definitely highly anticipated, but many gamers will undoubtedly prefer their Black Ops 2 experience to be a multiplayer one. 

The cyclicity of gaming

This fall and winter will be big for gaming, with a number of major titles hitting store shelves.  

Will Wii U be best platform for Black Ops 2?

Nintendo wants you to think of two syllables when the next Call of Duty game drops - Wii U.

Call of Duty Black Ops II: the social factor

So how much does social media play in the unveiling of a new video game?

Activision teases "disruptive innovation" in Black Ops II

Activision wants to make sure that Call of Duty doesn't start to feel like it's getting stale.

Here's the world premiere Blacks Ops II trailer

As promised, Activision has released its first trailer for the new installment of Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II confirmed

The annual entry to Activision's Call of Duty franchise this year will be a Black Ops II.