Headline: $99 Dell Venue 8 Pro. Truth: more like $199.

The great thing about Internet content is that it is superficial and if you dig deeper you'll find that it ain't what you think it is. Unless it is pictures of cute cats. No one gets that wrong. So, beware all those headlines about bargain Windows tablets.

Black Friday online sales hit record high

US shoppers spent 20 percent more on Black Friday than they did last year, with mobile purchases showing a particular boom.

Unplugging: Black Friday in the music world

With the holidays right in front of our faces, the music world has begun getting into the holiday spirit. Artists entice fans with box sets, Christmas releases, and tour dates.  

Wii, iPad among Black Friday winners

There was certainly no shortage of competition for last week's huge Black Friday sales, but it looks like Nintendo and Apple are happier than many others.

Black Friday sales swell, mostly online

Retailers rejoiced this past weekend as Black Friday sales jumped ahead of last year's numbers, but it was mostly due to a huge increase in online sales.

The pepper spray of Black Friday

A Los Angeles woman shot fellow Walmart shoppers with pepper spray as she fought to keep them from buying video games she apparently coveted.

Black Friday scam offers fake iTunes freebie

Scammers are exploiting Black Friday shopping enthusiasm with fake iTunes electronic gift certificates.

Apple teases Black Friday deals

Apple has put up a number of teaser pages advertising a "one-day shopping event" on Black Friday. 

For CE market, Black Friday provides hope

2011 has been a rough year for the consumer electronics industry, with sales forecasts dwindling to a fraction of what they were several months ago.

Sony plans PS3 bundles for Black Friday

There are some new leaked photos hitting the Internet that show what are reportedly new bundles that Sony plans to launch on Black Friday to spur PS3 holiday sales.

Black Friday online hits $648 million

Everyone thinks of Black Friday as the day where hundreds of people line up outside Walmart and Best Buy, but it was the people sitting comfortably in their heated home that saw the highest amount of growth for the shopping holiday. It's a sign that leads to what could be a cataclysmic level of sales for today, the most prolific online shopping day of the year.

Black Friday turns Thanksgiving into spending holiday

Thanksgiving is the one holiday where tradition points to staying at home and spending time with the family to be thankful. Black Friday on the other hand, is Thanksgiving's evil counterpart. 

Deals or delusions? Beware of Black Friday rip-off tactics

More than 50-percent of Americans plan to do at least half their holiday shopping online this year. 

On Black Friday however, millions will flock to big box retailers and small shops alike, hoping to score an in-person deal.  

Nintendo launching new DSi bundles on Black Friday

Get your game face on, because Black Friday is almost here. And to celebrate, Nintendo is bringing new hardware to the market the re-ignite sales of its increasingly sluggish-selling DS system.