Pirate Bay man to run for political office

Pirate Bay co-founder and former spokesperson Peter Sunde plans to run for European Parliament next year on the Finnish Pirate Bay ticket.

Use BitTorrent? You're being watched

Anyone foolhardy enough to download content from file-sharing service BitTorrent is likely to find their activity's being monitored within hours.

Crysis 2, Gears of War 3 among 2011's most pirated

TorrentFreak has just released its report on the most pirated games of 2011.

Skype security flaw allows location tracking

A glaring security flaw's been uncovered in Skype and other VoIP systems, potentially allowing hackers to access users' identities, locations and even files.

Internet "pirates" help with textbook sticker shock

The price of textbooks is a problem in higher education that cannot be ignored. Since students are receiving little help from the education and copyright systems, Internet pirates have stepped in to help.

ICE seizes more Internet domains

On Saturday US authorities began seizing more domain names allegedly associated with copyright infringement and counterfeiting.

Pirate Bay promotes hybrid file sharing platform

The method of distribution amongst file sharing sites is continuously evolving.

Can pirated music be legalized and monetized?

As the battle wages on between the music industry and those who download tracks without paying, it’s clear record execs are having a hard time getting a handle on the situation. 

Sick of Sarah tops a million BitTorrent downloads

Indie band "Sick of Sarah" has managed to break a million (legal) album downloads on BitTorrent.

Just 100 users responsible for two-thirds of illegal file sharing

A tiny group of users is responsible for the great majority of BitTorrent activity, according to Spanish researchers.

Study: Pirates too lazy for BitTorrents

Despite all the hoopla over illegal BitTorrent sites, that's not where the majority of piracy activity is taking place. In fact, despite huge efforts to curb it, the availability of direct downloads continues to fuel the most online piracy.

MPAA in mass BitTorrent and NZB crackdown

The MPAA and Dutch-based BREIN have reportedly executed a mass BitTorrent and NZB crackdown by unceremoniously kicking 29 sites offline. 

BitTorrent gets decentralized

The latest iteration of the cross-platform Tribler BitTorrent client offers a "revolutionary decentralized" approach to file sharing.

Thousands of defendants escape BitTorrent lawsuit

A huge file-sharing legal case has been slashed in size, with over 4,400 defendants being let off the hook.

Cyber activists defy Feds with BitTorrent DNS

A group of cyber activists are working to create a decentralized, BitTorrent-powered DNS system that exchanges data via peer-to-peer, cross-platform transfers.

Feds in hard-core BitTorrent crackdown

Agents from at least three federal entities have unceremoniously seized a domain that hosted a BitTorrent meta-search engine.

Researcher 'leaks' 100 million Facebook IDs

Shock, horror: loads of publicly-available data has been, er, leaked to the public on BitTorrent.

Hurt Locker producer sues 5,000 BitTorerent users

Hurt Locker producer Voltage Pictures has filed a widely-anticipated lawsuit against illegal file sharers.