Steve Jobs biopic is on hold

When Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, the rights to his life story were swept up quickly to become a major motion picture at Sony.

Aaron Sorkin talks Steve Jobs

Aaron Sorkin, like any top A-list screenwriter in Hollywood, is clearly a busy man. 

Who will play Steve Wozniak in indie Jobs biopic?

The denizens of Silicon Valley are majorly stoked about the upcoming indie Steve Jobs biopic.

Pam Grier biopic in the works

Although the "blaxploitation" films of the '70s were derided at the time, in retrospect, the genre represented a dramatic time in cinematic history.

Hugh Hefner biopic in the works

Hugh Hefner’s going to be hitting 86 years old this year, and he’s obviously lived quite a life.

Lincoln the vampire hunter

It’s too bad Phil Hartman isn’t around anymore to make fun of this on The Simpsons, it’s almost something Troy McClure would star in, you could even call it Lincoln Vs. Lincoln. 

Russ Meyer: Return of the softcore auteur

After director David O. Russell's big comeback with The Fighter, rumor has it that his follow up may be the biopic of Russ Meyer.