INTERPOL eyes biometric IDs for international workers and travelers

The world today is heavily interconnected. Every day, millions of people cross into a different country for work or vacation.

Pointless product of the week

Dunhill has created a wallet that opens only for its owner, and which alerts him when it's been stolen.

NYPD initiates biometric scanning of suspects

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) confirms it is now scanning and photographing the irises of crime suspects.

US Army tracks insurgents with handheld tech

The US Army has deployed a number of handheld devices to help soldiers track insurgents and detect even trace amounts of explosives.

Device uses nose shape to sniff out terrorists

You can tell this idea came from a country where they're not big on plastic surgery. Scientists at the UK's University of Bath reckon that noses are a better way of identifying people than iris or fingerprint scans.

Elvis bypasses biometric border control

The world of biometric security managed to get all shook up when a couple of “ethical hackers” managed to get through Amsterdam airport’s border patrol with a passport under the name of Elvis Presley, complete with the hip-shaker’s picture.