Can Steve Jobs keep the book biz strong?

Everything's been hit hard with the economy going down, including the book business, but there's been a major saving grace lately: the biography of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs biography moved up to November

Eccentric. Genius. College drop-out. Billionaire. Complicated visionary. Pain in the ass. There's many things you can say about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, and you still wouldn't scratch the surface.

Preorders propel Jobs biography to best-seller list

In 1989, a copy of the so-called Hebrew Bible sold for over two and a half million dollars - and that wasn't even authorized by Jesus.

Steve Jobs' Biography: World Changing or Sugared Water?

Word is that Steve Jobs has hired a writer to do his biography. 

Typically, this is something someone does towards the end of their life and can take one of several forms.

Jobs relents and authorises biography

Steve Jobs hasn't been best pleased at previous efforts to write his biography. But, it seems, he's now found somebody worthy of the task.