New biofuel process offers vast efficiency boost

A new biofuel production process is claimed to produce more than 20 times as much energy than existing methods.

Meet the deep sea version of the starship Enterprise

Captain James T. Kirk may have called space the final frontier, but it's actually the ocean that stands full of mystery. 

Biofuel steam locomotive tomorrow’s cleaner mass transit?

Can an old, restored steam locomotive be the harbinger for a new era in cleaner train travel? 

Honeywell jet fuel pushes the biofuel boundary

Technology giant Honeywell has announced a comprehensive test program for aviation biofuel which it claims will be the first of its kind in the airline industry.

Biofuel powers Boeing 787 across the Pacific

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner has made aviation history by completing the first ever transpacific biofuel flight.

Biofuel powered aircraft set to fly

Canada's Porter Airlines will become the first carrier in the country to conduct a biofuel-powered flight this month.

Yellowstone bacteria offer biofuel promise

Bacteria first discovered in Yellowstone's hot springs could help produce ethanol from crops such as switchgrass.

Whiskey charts course from drink to biofuel

When it comes to green, Scotland has more than that famous lush greenery going on. 

Biodiesel production goes to school

Biodiesel may sometimes seem like cleantech's ugly step-child, receiving less attention and less funding than other up-and-coming renewable energies like solar and wind.

It's time to move past ethanol

There is a moment in Bill Jaeger's latest biofuels paper when his scholarly posture crumples a bit and he seems to want to shout loud enough for policymakers in Washington, D.C., to hear him all the way from Corvallis, Oregon.

Navy's largest biofuel test is a success

Using a remotely controlled ship, the U.S. Navy successfully completed its largest-scale demonstration of alternative fuels last week off the coast of California.

Biofuel hopes rise with rice genome model

When it comes to feeding the world you’d be hard pressed to find a crop more valuable than rice - the staple food of half the world’s population.

Biofuel program eyes marginal lands

An Iowa State University-led team recently won a $25 million grant from the United States Department of Agriculture to develop the blueprint for using marginal farmlands to grow perennial grasses that will, in turn, provide a biomass source for a drop-in biofuel.

Biofuel breakthrough could replace diesel

The rising economic and political costs of foreign oil, coupled with climate-change fears, have been driving the search for renewable, alternative transportation fuels in the United States.

Biofuel targets unreachable, says NRC

The US is unlikely to meet some specific biofuel mandates under the current Renewable Fuel Standard by 2022 unless new technologies are developed or policies change.

New biofuels feedstocks are water hogs

Many energy researchers and environmental advocates are excited about the potential for biofuel producers to make the switch from corn to feedstocks based on large grasses like miscanthus or switchgrass. 

Biofuel production hits all-time high 

Worldwide production of biofuels hit an all-time high in 2010, according to numbers released from Worldwatch Institute's Climate and Energy Program. 

Badly-produced biofuels can release harmful chemicals

Using the wrong biofuel production methods can lead to the release of toxic, carcinogenic substances, new research has shown.

How to grow biofuels without eco-damage

Biofuels hold great potential, but they're certainly a double-edged sword.

Seaweed could be the next big thing for biofuel

When most people think of biofuels, the plant that comes into mind is probably corn. Well, there's a whole new option that comes from the sea - kelp.