Deforestation in Amazon is bad news for microbes

Scientists have found that deforestation not only affects the diversity of plants and animals, but is bad news for the forest’s microbes too.

Most marine species 'will be discovered this century'

As many as two thirds of the species living in our oceans may still be unknown to science, say researchers, despite the fact that their calculations indicate that there are many fewer species than previously thought.

Warming Earth could boost biodiversity... eventually

Global warming could mean more biodiversity on Earth, not less - just as long as we're prepared to wait several million years. In the short term, things don't look so good.

Human activity threatens forest preserves

Tropical forest reserves are failing to preserve biodiversity, often because of poor management.

New genome sequence could make finest chocolate better

Chocolate: the finer the better. Fortunately, the recent sequencing and assembly of the chocolate tree genome is likely to benefit chocolate lovers and producers all over the world.

One fifth of animals could be set for extinction

One in five vertebrate species could be set for extinction, says an international group of scientists.

Biodiversity isn't priceless at all, says UN

Presumably recognising that most people are motivated more by money than by beauty, a UN report has attempted to put a price on biodiversity. 

Earth is 'in the middle of mass extinction'

You may not have noticed, but according to an Australian academic, we're currently in the middle of a mass extinction event comparable to that which killed off the dinosaurs.

Loss of biodiversity could damage world economy, says UN

It's always worth appealing to peoples' pockets if appealing to their better nature doesn't work, and a new UN report warns that the world's loss of biodiversity is threatening national economies.