Yahoo rolling out refreshed design for search results

As it continues on a path to regain some of its once venerable position on the Internet, Yahoo has detailed some of its plans for a completely revamped search results page.

Your Facebook "likes" might influence your Bing search results

The next time you run a search for "2010 election" on Bing and see a skewed amount of Republican results, it might be because you clicked on Newt Gingrich's, Rudy Giuliani's, and Michael Steele's "Like This" buttons on Facebook.

Bing passes Yahoo in the blink of an eye

Microsoft is proving that you can do anything if you put your mind - and the resources of a multi-billion dollar corporation - to it.

Microsoft brings Google competitor Bing to Android

Microsoft and Verizon have come together to provide an alternative to Google on Google's own operating system. The newly minted Bing app will come exclusively to Android customers with Verizon service.

'Powered by Bing': Yahoo transitions US search

Microsoft's Bing is now powering Yahoo search in the US and Canada, a year after the deal between the two companies was announced.

Hapless search engines distribute malware

Did you know that search engines such as Bing and social networks like Twitter are chronic distributors of nefarious malware? seeks a better way to search for answers

If you want the answer to a question like "How far apart are sonny and cher in age?" you can't get it from a simple Google search, but is launching a new beta site that aims to make difficult queries like this easier to answer.

Yahoo Japan teams with Google, not Bing, for search technology

Yahoo Japan has decided not to follow Yahoo Inc in moving to use Microsoft's Bing as its search engine, and has signed a deal with Google instead.

Google acquires MetaWeb because it can

Behind the scenes of the top search engine must really be boring, as there's a team of technicians that do nothing but work on improving Google search results. And now there's a whole new company in its arsenal to add to that.

Bing continues to gain market share, will focus on mobile

Microsoft's search engine continues to grow in market share in a come-from-behind story that has been a great success for the company, and it will now strengthen its efforts to gain notoriety in the mobile space.

Play Bejeweled, watch TV, and listen to U2 from

Microsoft's search site is no longer just a "decision engine." It's growing up and now it can play music, movies, and games without ever sending users to an external Web site.

Google crashes and burns with home page shakeup

When users went to this morning, something looked a bit different - quite a bit different in fact - causing a full-scale outrage like never before. gets a bit more customizable

Google has unveiled a new feature that allows users to upload their own pictures to use as the background image on's main landing page, without affecting the search platform's load times.

Microsoft to Google: Suck it, we search with Bing

Google ditches Windows. Hell breaks loose! Pink newspaper roils the Internets. Windows users cry, "D'oh!"

Google touts Twitter archive search as Microsoft plays catch up

Google has introduced a new feature that allows users to trawl the murky depths of public Twitter archives.

Google undinged by Bing

Google has 65% of the search market and everyone else is pushing rocks uphill.

Microsoft revamps Bing with interactive Foursquare map

Microsoft has announced plan to revamp its popular Bing search engine with a number of new features, including an interactive Foursquare map app.

Bing hits all-time high

Microsoft's Bing search engine took 12.5% of all search engine requests across the globe in February, a new record for the "decision engine."

Motorola puts Bing on Chinese phones

Motorola and Microsoft have signed a deal to put Bing search and mapping services on mobile phones in China - neatly filling the gap Google looks like creating.

Yahoo continues its long, slow search decline

Yahoo has continued its long, slow and unsurprising decline in the search market space.