Google beats Microsoft Bing in security realm

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is five times more likely to serve up malicious sites in search results than Google, according to German research outfit AV Test.

Facebook launches Graph Search: will it compete with Google?

Facebook's launched its long-trailed social search service, allowing users of the site to answer queries such as 'which restaurants do my friends like?'

Google "search by image" gets big overhaul

Google is constantly working to enhance your search experience.

Microsoft takes hit over struggling online ad business

Microsoft's been forced to write down the value of one of its biggest acquisitions by $6.2 million, in an admission that its search-related ad business has been less than successful.

Microsoft launches social network for students

Microsoft has opened its rather modest - and somewhat retro - social networking site to the public.

Bing revamped with clearer social content

Microsoft's rolling out its first big update to Bing since the search engine first launched three years ago.

Bing gets in bed with Firefox

Microsoft has scored a victory in embedding its Bing search engine into Mozilla's Firefox Web browser.

Google falters in search 'success rate' study

There's no denying Google is the leader in online search, but a new study says only two out of three Google searches lead users to what they're looking for.

Microsoft to power Baidu's English language searches

With Google having pulled out of China over censorship concerns, Microsoft spotted an opportunity and has signed a deal with Chinese search engine Baidu to provide it with English language search results.

Hedge fund guru says Ballmer must leave Microsoft

Hedge fund guru David Einhorn believes Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is "stuck in the past" and must leave Redmond immediately.

Microsoft revamps Bing search with Facebook integration

Microsoft has announced a new feature that will more deeply integrate Facebook into its Bing search engine experience.

Comscore's latest rankings: more of the same

Google is still slipping, while Yahoo and Bing are picking up the slack, but everything is moving at a snail's pace.

Bing signs on as new Blackberry search engine

Microsoft's search platform will now become an integral part of RIM's Blackberry mobile OS.

Bing site updated for Android and iPhone, not WP7

Microsoft's search engine just got a bit better for people who use one of the major mobile operating systems, but not for people who use Microsoft's own OS.

Bing partners with Kayak for flight results

Microsoft's Bing search engine will soon incorporate data from flight aggregator, meaning when users search for flight information they will receive pricing data directly within the results page.

Search Wars: Google says Bing is "cheating" and "copying"

Get in the frakkin' ring! Oh yeah, it's definitely on now, because Google is accusing Microsoft of "cheating" and "copying" search results.

Users don't think search engines need government regulation

Most Americans believe that search engines are doing a fine job of ranking search answers, and don't believe they need government regulation.

Microsoft presents huge changes to Bing

You've gotta hand it to Microsoft. After being literally suffocated by Google in the search market, it has managed to bounce back in a big way with Bing. And it's because of things like this latest batch of updates Microsoft just revealed.

Princeton computer scientists find new way to track spread of ideas

Computer scientists at Princeton University computer scientists have developed a new way to track the beginning and the spread of ideas. This new method could make it easier to measure how influential some ideas really are. 

Microsoft ramps up Bing's Facebook integration

Microsoft's made a major upgrade to Bing, adding much more integration with Facebook, in a move that could perhaps see it taking on Google properly for the first time.