Innovative instrument probes close binary stars, may soon image exoplanets

A new instrument that combines two high-resolution telescope techniques – adaptive optics and interferometry – has for the first time distinguished and studied the individual stars in a nearby binary star system, demonstrating promise for eventually picking out planets around other stars.

Double-star systems pose big risk for planets

Planets with binary stars - such as Star Wars' Tatooine - may be dangerous places to live, even risking the chance of being ejected into interstellar space.

Wide binary stars may have started out as triplets

The old adage, ‘two’s company three's a crowd’ could also be true for wide binary star systems. 

Astronomers discover supernovae brewing

While looking for something else entirely, Harvard-Smithsonian astronomers have discovered several double-star systems which are merging, and which may explode as supernovae in the astronomically near future.