Ghostbusters 3 - now or never?

At this point, you could probably write a book about the never-ending saga of Ghostbusters 3 that would be the length of an old-fashioned Manhattan phone book.

Ivan Reitman talks Ghostbusters 3

Veteran Hollywood director Ivan Reitman helmed the original Ghostbusters, and as we all know by now, Dan Aykroyd’s really been chomping at the bit for another round.

Ghostbusters 3 greenlit without Murray

After years of suspense, the third Ghostbusters film is finally happening, but it was greenlit without one of the original stars.

Dan Aykroyd ready to give Ghostbusters 3 another try

So much ink has been spilled in recent months about a possible third Ghostbusters movie which may never eben see the light of day.

Bill Murray displeased with Ghostbusters 3 script

Ghostbusters mastermind Dan Aykroyd has wanted to get a third movie up and running for a long time, and it did seem for a time that one may have come close last year, but now may be stuck in development hell for good.

Is Ghostbusters 3 RIP?

In recent months, there's been speculation and fan reaction - both pro and con - about Ghostbusters 3,  which may or may not get made one of these days.

Old Ghostbusters never die

We all know a new Ghostbusters movie has been in the works for a long time now, and it's obviously been quite difficult to persuade Bill Murray that he should return to the beloved franchise.

Rumor: Bill Murray kicked out of Ghostbusters

Bill Murray has reportedly angered the Ghostbusters creative team, prompting them to remove the veteran actor from the development process of the long-awaited third film.

Will Ghostbusters 3 work without Bill Murray?

As we reported earlier, Dan Aykroyd is ready to roll with Ghostbusters 3 after years of development hell. Aykroyd also claimed the movie would move forward with or without Bill Murray.

Can the Ghost Busters do it again?

As you've already read on TG Daily, Dan Aykroyd has confirmed that Ghost Busters 3 will be going forward - with or without Bill Murray.

Aykroyd teases Ghostbusters 3 details

Dan Aykroyd, a long-time comedy veteran, recently made an appearance on Denis Miller’s radio show. Miller, of course, could not resist asking Aykroyd about the future of the Ghostbusters franchise.