A Google Glass Affair

A lot of times romance can happen in the workplace because a lot of us have little time for anything other than work. So it wasn’t surprising to learn that the co-founder of Google, and an executive at Google Glass, ran off together. 

Watch Bill Gates lose to Chess Grandmaster in 80 seconds

When billionaires lose it is like the sky has opened up and angels are spitting gold chocolate bars on the poor. Bill Gates, world's richest man most of the time, is a chess enthusiast. Watch this video of him losing to the number one player in the world. Very, very quickly.

Search for new Microsoft CEO is tough, says Bill Gates

Volish chairman Sir William Gates III has said that there were difficulties in finding a CEO who can replace Steve "sounds of silence" Ballmer.

Why would anyone get rid of Bill Gates?!

Because they're Wall Street and they'd be free to suck every ounce of cash out of Microsoft and not have to worry about investing in the future; there won't be a future for Microsoft without Bill Gates. Let's find someone with some love for Microsoft to make it great again. Not just a bean counter or suit to manage its monopolies to death.

Zuckerberg's Internet.org: Google's Project Loon without balloons?

Silicon Valley's sense of giving is disproportionately low compared to its sense of getting. So, you have to take every seemingly earth shattering we-are-the-world announcement with a tablespoon of salt.  Lord love them, the billionaire geeks running the world really try to make it a better place without every having had to really live in it, like the rest of us.  

Bill Gates is the richest man again

After years of being in the shadow of a Mexican millionaire, Bill Gates is back to being the world's richest man again.

Bill Gates thinks iPad is an iFad

While you were probably not expecting this, Software King of the World and sworn enemy of the mosquito, Sir William Gates the Third, says he does not like the iPad much.

Intel, Microsoft exhibiting dinosaur traits

Opinion It was Jerry Sanders III who first coined the phrase that, together with Intel and Microsoft, AMD and the other two were the “Holy Trinity”.

Museum re-lives Microsoft's past

Two Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen have got together to re-create an iconic snap from the early days of the computer.

Bill Gates offers reward for modern condom

Part time tech evangelist and full time philanthropist Bill Gates is offering a $100,000 prize through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to anyone who can come up with a condom design for the 21st century.

Bill Gates won't run for president

Ex-Microsoft founder and CEO, Bill Gates,  has ruled out ever running for political office. There had been a few rumours that with his cash, Gates might make a run for president. After all he is a name and a known successful businessman and this country likes that.

The life of a fugitive software king

The name John McAfee isn’t as well known as Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs, but apparently his story is wild and fascinating enough to make a big screen movie.

2013 will be Steve Ballmer’s Microsoft year

The ten years or so that Steve Ballmer has been running Redmond are often referred to as "Microsoft’s Lost Decade."

Jobs actors on set at Steve's former garage

Jobs - an indie film portraying the early years of the Apple co-founder - recently began filming in Silicon Valley.

Zuckerberg doesn't quite make world's richest list

Mark Zuckerberg hasn't qualified as one of the richest men in the world, but we're sure he's not too upset about it.

Big pharma joins fight against tropical diseases

Some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies have teamed up with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, pledging to eliminate or control ten neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by 2020.

The problem with Microsoft at CES

Like a lot of technophiles, I watched the keynote given by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to officially kick off CES. While I’m sure MS managed to pack the room, there was little you could take away that most didn’t already know.

Those stylin' geeks

Okay, so you were a geek in high school, couldn't get the girl, and got tossed in the dumpster regularly by bullies. None of that really matters when you form a company that changes the world and makes you a billionaire, right?

Bill Gates and Howard Stern celebrate the... high-tech toilet?!

Robin Williams used to joke that cocaine was God’s way of telling you you’re making too much money.

Gates Foundation malaria vaccine halves infection rates

The millions of dollars pumped into malaria research by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have paid off: the team's developed a vaccine that halves the risk of the disease in young children - its most frequent victims.