Electrifying your bike with Rubbee

Ever been looking up the incline of a steep hill and wished you could swap your pedal bike for an electric one…just for a few minutes? Me too. That’s why I was thrilled to learn about Rubbee, a portable high-efficiency electric friction drive that can take any bike from analog to high-tech in seconds flat.

Yes, this bicycle is made out of recycled cardboard

Almost a year ago, EarthTechling reported on an amazing DIY project that had the potential to revolutionize the bicycle industry. Izhar Gafni, an Israeli inventor and bike enthusiast made headlines when he demonstrated a working bike he’d made himself out of nothing but recycled cardboard.

iZip E3 Compact goes electric

A few years back we highlighted an electric bicycle company known as Currie Technologies.

 Recently, the company unveiled a compact electric bike developed in collaboration with folding bike specialist Dahon [PDF].

Aerospace firm develops Star Wars hover bike

A Manhattan Beach aerospace company has developed a prototype hoverbike that allows people to speed above the landscape like a Jedi.

Video: Fahrradi Faralla FFX, the sexiest pedal car ever made

The Fahrradi Faralla FFX looks like it hails from Italy.

All-wooden bike aims for world record

It's not the first wooden bike - but it's the first to be made completely from wood, with not a single metal or plastic element in sight.