Storage system for ‘big data’ dramatically speeds access to information

As computers enter ever more areas of our daily lives, the amount of data they produce has grown enormously. But for this “big data” to be useful it must first be analyzed, meaning it needs to be stored in such a way that it can be accessed quickly when required.

New data compression method reduces big-data bottleneck; outperforms, enhances JPEG

In creating an entirely new way to compress data, a team of researchers from the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science has drawn inspiration from physics and the arts.

Managing the deluge of 'Big Data' from space

For NASA and its dozens of missions, data pour in every day like rushing rivers. Spacecraft monitor everything from our home planet to faraway galaxies, beaming back images and information to Earth. All those digital records need to be stored, indexed and processed so that spacecraft engineers, scientists and people across the globe can use the data to understand Earth and the universe beyond.

Big Data analytics projects sees more wind

Making wind and solar power – with their here-one-minute and gone-the-next tendencies – more reliable grid contributors usually leads to a discussion of energy storage.

Gild works on Big Data algorithm

One of the reasons why talented programmers can't find work is that their CVs are being run past lazy HR people who can't be bothered thinking for a living.

Big Data name of enterprise software game

A report from IDC said the market for enterprise software worldwide showed conservative growth during 2012.

Storage to soar from Big Data surge

Storage revenues will soar to $6 billion in 2016 because of the inexorable rise of big data.

CIA up to speed on Big Data in the 1960s

Last week the CIA published a 1962 internal document that seems to show it was contemplating some very advanced data techniques half a century ago.

Curiosity Engine learns Big Data

Discovix has introduced a new method of analyzing massive data sets with its freshly coded Curiosity Engine, which allows users to sort through large, unstructured data sets, charting critical trends and patterns.

Intel divines the future of Big Data

Intel IT has developed a predictive analytics system which it claims can reduce chip test time by 25 percent.