Spacetime clock could outlast the universe as we know it

A 'spacetime crystal' sounds like something Doctor Who might keep in his kit-bag - but it's actually much more dramatic than that: a clock that could keep perfect time forever, even after the heat-death of the universe.

Viruses harnessed to generate electricity

Berkeley Lab scientists have found a way to make harmless viruses harvest mechanical energy, which could then be used, say, to charge a phone as its owner walks along.

Single pill for radiation decontamination

Berkeley Lab scientists are soon to move into clinical trials of a pill that can decontaminate people after exposure to radiation.

Fuel cell rethink - what's the true cost?

How can scientists and manufacturers make fuel cells and fuel cell technology a viable and affordable alternative to fossil fuels? 

Melting permafrost could ramp up global warming

Thawing permafrost could release billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere by the end of this century, further accelerating global warming.