Ben Kingsley Puts His Game Face On For Ender's Game

Ender’s Game is now finally out in the world, and one of the best images from the film is Ben Kingsley’s tattooed face, and Kingsley recently spoke out about why his character wears it.

Is Ben Kingsley Returning to the Marvel Universe?

We’ve often said here on TGD that many serious actors have an inner geek that’s dying to get out. Ian McKellen has done a great job as Gandolf and Magneto, Patrick Stewart has been geeking out for years as Captain Picard and Professor Xavier, and Ben Kinglsey did two geek performances this year in Iron Man 3 and Ender’s Game.

Ender's Game trailer about to drop

Harrison Ford is not what you’d call an excitable guy. Actually, a lot of times when you see him in interviews, you wonder how soon he’ll nod off and fall asleep.

Ben Kingsley ready to tear it up in Iron Man 3 and Enders Game

Lately, you can't help but get the feeling that quite a lot of serious, award winning actors secretly want to do a geek role.

Ender's Game plot details are in the wild

Summit Entertainment has posted the synopsis for its upcoming sci-fi adaptation.

Ben Kingsley up for villain role in Iron Man 3

Jon Favreau’s Iron Man was one of the best superhero movies many had seen in quite some time.

Ender's Game is on track

Casting for the the long-awaited Ender's Game sci-fi film seems like it is finally drawing to a close.