Computer system simulates the behavior of tax evaders

Tax fraud is a very serious problem for society, especially in Spain, where tax evasion represents almost one-fourth of its Gross Domestic Product.

Bee behavior linked to reversible chemical tags

Scientists at Johns Hopkins university have determined that complex, reversible behavioral patterns in bees - and presumably other animals - are linked to reversible chemical tags on genes.

Apes go ape before Washington quake

Animals at the Washington National Zoo started behaving oddly minutes before Tuesday's magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit.

New tool helps game designers predict player behavior

A team at North Carolina State University says it can tell what gamers are about to do next, allowing games designers to steer players to the parts of games they'll like most.

Mobile phones could lead to bad behavior in kids

Pregnant women who regularly use mobile phones may be more likely to have kids with behavioral problems, especially if those children start using a phone early themselves, new research shows.