Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought

Domestic duties revitalize bees' brains

Bees appear to be able to reverse the effects of ageing on their brains, simply by returning home for a little light housework.

Common pesticide named as cause of bee decline

Two new studies have pinned the blame for the catastrophic decline in bee numbers on a commonly-used class of pesticides.

10 million bees deaths reported in Florida

Those of us who love sweet delicious honey have good reason to be concerned, as over 10 million bee deaths were recently reported in Florida.

Eight-year-olds publish in top scientific journal

A group of British schoolchildren have achieved an honor only to be dreampt of by many scientists - having a paper accepted for publication by a prestigious Royal Society journal.

Bees help clarify nature, nurture debate

It seems as if bees are aiding scientists in their quests to solve the great mysteries of life. Recently bees have helped scientists gain more insight into the great nature-nurture debate.

Bee brains calculate better than expensive computers

Bees could now be in the running for the title of most efficient being known to man.  A new study has found that our honey producing friends are better at mathematical functions than today’s most powerful computers.

Tiny-brained bees beat computers to solve math problem

Despite having a brain the size of a grass seed, bumblebees can solve a complex mathematical problem which keeps computers busy for days.

Collapse in bee populations could be caused by cellphones

Cellphones could be to blame for the sharp decline in honeybee populations, according to Indian scientists.