Transparent, color solar cells fuse energy, beauty

Colorful, see-through solar cells invented at the University of Michigan could one day be used to make stained-glass windows, decorations and even shades that turn the sun's energy into electricity.

The genre shows of 2012

It’s that time of year again. Yes, the current round of shows are ending, while the networks plan the upcoming season.

ABC’s Beauty and the Beast has cast its leads

All major actors have now been cast for ABC’s Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast adaptations get more confusing

Beauty and the Beast is clearly the next adaptation obsession, after two years of hearing about Snow White

Glamourcon: Beauty meets the geeks

Although I haven't been to one in years, I used to go to Glamourcon quite a bit, and usually had a pretty good time attending it.

Harry Potter’s Hermoine to headline silver-screen Beauty, del Toro to direct

It looks like Beauty and the Beast is the next adaptation obsession, after two years of hearing about Snow White.

Beauty and the Beast gets piloted

The CW recently ordered a pilot based on a script it commissioned for a remake of the 80’s series Beauty and the Beast, which starred Linda Hamilton & Ron Perlman.

Bikinis, boobs and beaches. Welcome to Paradise!

Do you like to watch scantily clad women in bikinis sexily frolicking on a pristine beach? Well, yes, who doesn't?  

Girls just want to have fun...with Glo!?

Yes, like Cyndi Lauper once said, girls just want to have fun! But do they need Glo to do it?