Killing celebrities via Twitter

No, Paul McCartney and Jon Bon Jovi are not dead, they’re both alive and well, but somebody’s trying to kill them off in cyberspace via Twitter.

A closer look at the Plastic Ono Band

The clanging of the opening bells on Plastic Ono Band announced John Lennon as an artist independent of that hysterical epidemic known as the Beatles.

A tribute to the quiet Beatle

Living in the Material World is a two-part documentary about George Harrison that will air this October on HBO.

Apple trademarks Beatles logo

Apple's aiming to clear up loose ends by applying for a European trademark on the famous Granny Smith logo which appeared on Beatles records.

Beatles coming to iTunes today

Apple's confirmed that it's finally got its hands on the Beatles' catalog and will start selling the songs on iTunes.

Report: Apple to launch iTunes Live Streaming

Apple may be preparing to launch its long-awaited iTunes Live Streaming service tomorrow at 7 AM PST.