Neil Gaiman returns to Doctor Who

The BBC's official Doctor Who Magazine has run the writer director list as it stands for 2013.

Doctor Who gift box gets timey-wimey

The BBC has announced a new Doctor Who box set which includes everything Doctor Who up until the beginning of the current season.  

Doctor Who featurettes bid a tearful farewell to the Ponds

BBC One and BBC America have released a series of featurettes about the mid-season finale.

Doctor Who season premiere gets detailed

Some details from the Doctor Who season seven opener have been published. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Merlin teaser pics hint at new project

The official Merlin Twitter account recently posted this simple line: "Something MAGICAL is unfolding in the world of Camelot in 5 days - what do you think it could be?" along with the picture below.

BBC wants to pioneer concept of '3D radio'

Yes, the market for new "3D" products is still alive and well.

A first look at Doctor Who's new companion

Thanks to some on-set espionage, we’ve managed to sneak our first look at the Doctor’s new companion.

Doctor Who mini-episode goes live

The BBC recently sponsored a writing contest for school children in the UK called 'Doctor Who: Script to Screen.'

2012 Olympics will be fully streamed online

There will not be one moment of the Olympics that is left untouched.

Wizards vs. Aliens cast revealed

After the untimely death of Elizabeth Sladen, the star of the hit CBBC show The Sarah Jane Adventures, the Doctor Who spin-off was cancelled.

Merlin will return with more power

The Merlin showrunners plan for the wizard’s power to finally start shining in the new season.

Ponds departure spoiled by on-set visitor

The Doctor Who team recently completed filming the one episode that nearly all fans are eager to know more about.

How Doctor Who loses The Ponds

The current companions of The Doctor are slated to leave several episodes into the new season of Doctor Who this fall.

The Fades may disappear after all

The BBC has apparently decided against renewing The Fades for another season.

Mammoth was killed by lions, then butchered by humans

A baby mammoth found in Siberia may have been killed by lions before being snatched by human beings.

Doctor Who promo images EX-TER-MIN-ATE

BBC One has posted a series of teaser images from the upcoming season of the hit sci-fi show.

Doctor Who Season 7 trailer runs you out of town

BBC One has released the first trailer for the first half of the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

Coleman will climb into the TARDIS this winter

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffatt has confirmed that Jenna-Louise Coleman will take on the role of The Doctor’s next companion.

BBC adds digital streaming to Xbox 360

The BBC has launched its popular iPlayer streaming platform for the Xbox 360.

BBC picks up pilot for sci-fi comedy

V Sign is a series under development by Green Inc. in conjunction with Retort of Freemantle Media. The pilot, written by Steve Turner, was recently picked up by the BBC for consideration.