Another Doctor Who season 7 prequel appears

Pond Life was not the only prequel to the first episode of the new Doctor Who season.

Doctor Who rides the triceratops

BBC One has released a handful of posters for the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

The Fades may disappear after all

The BBC has apparently decided against renewing The Fades for another season.

Doctor Who Season 7 trailer runs you out of town

BBC One has released the first trailer for the first half of the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

BBC gets serious about American sci-fi

Well, it looks like SyFy finally has a serious contender. 

Yes, BBC America and Clerkenwell Films are currently developing two new sci-fi shows geared towards genre fans and US audiences.

The Fades are not going away

The first season (series) of the BBC production The Fades finished up in the UK after six episodes, and  recently began airing in the US on BBC America.

Don’t miss The Fades on BBC America this weekend

BBC America will begin airing the six-episode first season of The Fades on the evening of January 14, 2012.

Matt Smith details Doctor Who Christmas special

BBC America recently posted a brief interview with Matt Smith, who currently plays The Doctor on Doctor Who. In the short YouTube video, Smith discusses the upcoming special holiday episode of the popular show.

No longer a need to pirate Doctor Who

American Doctor Who fans have something to celebrate after yesterday’s announcement: for the first time, the popular series will be shown parallel in Britain and the US.