Ron Moore Is Back With Helix

Ron Moore is best known to geeks as the man who reinvented Battlestar Galactica, turning it into one of the most acclaimed sci-fi shows in history. He’s finally back with a new creation, Helix, which has a similar plotline to The Thing. (In fact, Moore was going to remake The Thing as a mini-series.) 

Battlestar Galactica Creator Ron Moore is Back With Helix

When a Battlestar Galactica reboot was announced, who thought it was the lamest idea they’d ever heard? Come on, raise your hands, don’t be shy. For me especially, it was a tell-tale sign Hollywood was really out of ideas. Little did we know that Rob Moore would reinvent the franchise, and turn it into one of the best science fiction shows in years.

Syfy greenlights Helix

Syfy recently ordered a 13-episode season of Helix, a new sci-fi series by Battlestar Galactica creator, Ronald D. Moore.

Building a Cylon raider replica

It’s hard to tell whether this is a new trend or not, but lately we’ve been seeing a lot of people building full sized replicas based on their beloved sci-fi shows and movies.

Review: The ice of the Battlestar Galactica - Blood & Chrome Blu-ray

Blood & Chrome is the story of Bill Adama’s first missions aboard Galactica.

Bryan Singer talks BSG movie and Twilight Zone reboot

Director Bryan Singer gave us two of the greatest comic book movies ever, the first two X-Men flicks.

BSG's Ron Moore new genre series is Helix

Several years ago, I watched a Q&A with legendary genre author Harlan Ellison who praised the rebooted Battlestar Galactica.

ABC eyes new Star Wars series

When Lucasfilm was sold to Disney, for a moment you wondered how many more Star Wars stories were there left to tell.

BSG: Blood & Chrome will come home

Universal Studios Home Entertainment to release unrated cut of the Battlestar Galactica prequel serial.

Watch the first 25 minutes of BSG: Blood & Chrome

Machinima has released the first two episodes of the Battlestar Galactica prequel.

BSG: Blood and Chrome trailer fills in the gaps

Machinima has released a trailer for the long-awaited web-series, which will be here much sooner than expected.

BSG comic will be based on the original series

Dynamite has managed to obtain the license to the 1978  sci-fi series.

BSG Diaspora trailer targets the Cylons

Diaspora: Shattered Armistice, a fan-made Battlestar Galactica video game, has been released after 4 years in development.

The best of genre TV

The X-Files was originally a genre show that managed to successfully cross over to many different audiences.

SyFy cancels Blood & Chrome - for now

Just a couple days after a pilot teaser was leaked to the Internet, Syfy has confirmed that it will not be carrying the long-awaited Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood and Chrome.

Blood and Chrome teaser kicks the toaster

A teaser for Syfy’s upcoming speculative fiction serial Blood and Chrome has appeared online, though it’s unclear if it was in Syfy’s plan to have it out at this juncture.

Starbuck is back for new Riddick film

We reported back in August that a third Chronicles of Riddick film was in development, which initially appeared to have stalled in the casting phase.

The end of 17th Precinct

I was pretty excited to hear about 17th Precinct when it was announced. Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer, and James Callis (all from Battlestar Galactica) reunited under producer Ronald Moore for a police procedural set in a world of magic. 

From Battlestar Galactica to Thunderstruck

I'll never forget the first season of Battlestar Galactica, which, IMHO, is  perfect example of military sci-fi at its finest.

Where is that frakkin’ Battlestar Galactica movie?

When I first heard about Battlestar Galactica coming back from the dead, like I do with most remake announcement these days, I rolled my eyes and uttered "Oh, please."