New Battleship featurette zaps the sailor

Hasbro has released a new featurette for its upcoming boardgame-based alien invasion action flick Battleship.

Battleship featurette cracks the crust

Hasbro recently released a featurette for its upcoming board-game based alien invasion action film Battleship.

Waiting for Battleship

Okay, so John Carter came and bombed already. So many people predicted the flop that it practically became a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is rather unfortunate for genre fans.  

Ouija the movie is back

As we reported earlier this year, Hasbro had a big deal set up at Universal where the studio was going to adapt a number of their games including Battleship, Ouija, and Candyland. 

Battleship trailer isn’t from around here

Hasbro has released a new full-length trailer for its upcoming sci-fi adventure film, Battleship, based loosely on the boardgame of the same name.

Will Battleship sink?

It still remains to be seen if Battleship - the movie - will deliver. Of course, we'll know for sure in April.

The Hasbro/Universal post-mortem

Those who have cursed Hollywood for lack of originality must have been thrilled to see the Hasbro game deal fall apart at Universal. 

New Battleship trailer puts you in a bubble

Hasbro recently debuted a new full-length trailer for its upcoming boardgame-based film Battleship.

Some thoughts on the upcoming Hasbro game movies

We’ve covered the whole games and theme park rides being turned into movies phenomenon quite a bit here on TG, and we just reported on the recent development hell Stretch Armstrong has been caught up in. 

Battleship director doesn't fear the haters

Bring it on Battleship haters, because director Peter Berg isn't afraid of you.

New Battleship trailer scores direct hit

Hasbro has released its first full-length trailer for Battleship. Fortunately, this one is much more interesting than the short teaser that went live in July.

Can Transformers work without Michael Bay?

It seems as if more Transformers movies are on the way, even though Michael Bay swore he was done with the franchise forever. 

Ridley Scott's Monopoly has a writing team

As you've been reading on TG, there are currently a number of board game movies under development in Hollywood. 

Rihanna weighs in on Battleship

A lot has been written and said about the movie Battleship, which some film fans are viewing with scorn that an adaptation of a board game could cost so much money (rumor has it in the neighborhood of $200 mil).

About that trailer for Battleship...

With many bemoaning the lack of original ideas in Hollywood, the upcoming board game adaptation of Battleship has become somewhat of a whipping boy amongst film geeks.

First trailer for Battleship arrives

Our first look at the upcoming film answers the fundamental question: how does one adapt the story of a fairly boring table-game into a film?