How artificial platelets could help treat soldiers on the battlefield

When it comes to healing traumatic wounds of war, success may hinge on the first blood clot – the one that begins forming on the battlefield right after an injury.

CoD, FPS and the US military

With a $500 million gross its first day in release, and experts predicting sales of twenty million copies by the end of the year, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is the current big daddy of games.

Smartphone app tracks battlefield targets

New software takes advantage of smartphones’ GPS and imaging abilities to pinpoint the location of distant objects as well as monitoring their speed and direction.

DLC push spurs 'Battlefield' boycott

A group of gamers are threatening to boycott the latest installment in EA's successful 'Battlefield' series.

Battlefield game gives away free DLC, with a catch

Developer DICE has put a little something extra in the new Vietnam add-on to the multi-platform video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2. But you'll only be able to get it if other gamers want it as much as you. It'll be automatically unlocked once a certain milestone of online activity has been reached.

General Dynamics deploys Android-powered "Pip Boy"

General Dynamics has introduced a rugged, battlefield-ready "Pip Boy" with an eight-hour battery life. 

Ignition preps Blacklight FPS for Summer 2010 deployment

Ignition Entertainment and Zombie Studios have designed a near-future FPS that is expected to offer "AAA-quality" military action in a downloadable package.