Battle Royale series is no more

Well, here’s a big surprise. Yes, the Battle Royale TV show that was in development at the CW network isn't going forward.

Why Battle Royale won't work as a TV show

I’m a big fan of Battle Royale and can't help but find it amusing that Hollywood tried to bring the film back just as Hunger Games was hitting theaters.

Battle Royale wont go hungry on the small screen

The CW is currently in talks to produce a serial based on the book that was killed by wildly popular Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games VS. Battle Royale

If the storyline of The Hunger Games seems a bit familiar, well, tales about people fighting each other to the death in some dystopian future gone mad isn’t exactly new.

Battle Royale arrives in time for The Hunger Games

I very clearly recall the controversy over the Japanese movie Battle Royale, which never actually had an official release in the States.