New battery could lead to cheaper solar power

A new type of lithium battery developed by the University of Southampton and lithium battery technology company REAPsystems is claimed to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of solar power.

iPhone 4S users love Siri - but hate their battery life

The iPhone 4S is Apple's most popular model yet, according to a survey - and it's all because of Siri.

Researchers eye lithium-ion battery breakthrough

Researchers from Northwestern University are working on developing a super-battery that can keep a cellphone charged for a week and be recharged in just 15 minutes.

Team cuts smartphone power usage

Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have designed a network proxy that they say can cut the power consumption of 3G smartphones by up to three quarters.

Apple to replace overheating iPod Nanos

Apple's admitted that some of its iPod Nanos have been overheating, and is offering users replacements.

Apple battery 'fix' leaves users unsatisfied

As promised, Apple's released iOS 5.0.1, the update designed to fix the battery problems many users have been experiencing with the new iPhone 4S.

Apple promises fix for iPhone 4S battery bug

Apple's confirmed that a series of iOS 5 bugs are causing battery problems for many iPhone 4Ss.

Battery researchers look to seaweed

Researchers at Clemson University have identified a promising new binder material for lithium-ion battery electrodes that they hope will boost energy storage capacity: seaweed.

Better batteries from a liberal arts college

You think Lafayette College, you think East Coast liberal arts school. You think long discussions of the Hegelian system, and the allusions in Eliot's "The Waste Land."

Scientists build battery in a nanowire

Rice University researchers say they've been able to pack an entire lithium ion energy storage device into a single nanowire - as small as such devices could possibly get.

Step towards transparent gadgets - now, where did I put my phone?

Stanford University scientist Yi Cui says he wants a see-through iPhone - and he's done his bit to help create one by developing a transparent battery.

How to power your laptop by typing

You could soon be able to charge your phone or laptop simply by sending a message, thanks to some nifty work from Australia's RMIT University.

MIT battery could revolutionize electric cars

MIT reckons it's overcome one of the biggest barriers to the acceptance of electric cars - the time it takes recharging them - while at the same time halving the cost of batteries.

This battery is powered by water

Batteries are often thought of as energy storage devices because that is how we use them on a day to day basis. 

New battery charges 100 times faster

Cellphones could charge in seconds, and laptops or even electric vehicles in minutes, thanks to a new battery technology developed by scientists at the University of Illinois.

Phone battery life extended by 100 times

Mobile devices could have a dramatically longer battery life, thanks to a new form of ultra-low-power digital memory that is faster than current memory types and uses 100 times less energy.

Solar-powered chip, battery not required

Solar-powered microelectronics? Not unusual. 

But a solar-powered microchip with no battery - that is to say, a chip with the solar cell integrated into it and running directly off available light - now that's a breakthrough. 

RIM's PlayBook in epic battery fail

Somewhere, Steve Jobs is surrounded by hundreds of iPads and laughing at RIM's epic PlayBook battery fail.

Team creates smallest-ever battery

The world’s smallest battery — its anode a single nanowire one seven-thousandth the thickness of a human hair — has been created.

Garmin recalls GPS units over battery fire fears

Garmin is recalling more than a million Nuvi navigation devices over fears that they could overheat and cause a fire.