What makes the MacBook Pro Retina Haswell special

The rumor is that MacBook Pro with the Intel Haswell processor will be released October 15, shortly followed by the general release of OS X 10.9 Maverick. The combination is supposed to give you greater power efficiency, hence battery life. It could also replace your aging MacBook Air.

This Android tablet has a 15 hour battery life

The Aiol Novo 10 Eternal - which runs Android Jelly Bean (4.2) - boasts a 10-inch screen along with a 15-hour battery life (11,000mAh).

Electric car batteries suffer unexpected problem

The lithium-ion batteries commonly used in hybrid and electric-only cars could fail earlier than expected because of a newly-discovered problem with the current collector.

More trouble for Intel's Clover Trail tablets

The launch of Intel's Clover Trail Windows 8 tablets has reportedly been postponed due to Santa Clara's failure to deliver a critical software patch designed to conserve precious mobile battery life. 

Apple doesn't have enough juice

Users of the Apple iPhone 4S are complaining about a poor battery life.

Invention could dramatically increase smartphone battery life

A new 'subconscious mode' for smartphones could increase battery life by as much as 54 percent for users on busy networks.

Wifi turn-taking could double phone battery life

A Duke University graduate student has found a way to double the battery life of mobile devices with a small alteration to Wifi technology - and it all depends on cooperation.

Multi-core voltage regulator extends battery life

As the technology built into battery powered devices like laptops and cell phones advances, so does their demand for power.

Phone battery life extended by 100 times

Mobile devices could have a dramatically longer battery life, thanks to a new form of ultra-low-power digital memory that is faster than current memory types and uses 100 times less energy.

Report: Microsoft to launch dedicated tablet OS in late 2012

Are you jonesing for a dedicated Microsoft tablet OS? Well, you'll just have to make do with Google's Android and Apple's iOS until late 2012.

'Dark silicon' improves Android battery life

A new chip is claimed to improve smartphone efficiency by making use of 'dark silicon' – the numerous transistors on today’s chips that are underused because there's not enough power to utilize them all at the same time.

Canonical touts latest version of Ubuntu

Canonical has officially released the latest iteration of its popular Ubuntu Linux.

Micron touts 2-Gigabit DDR2 memory for ARM-based smartphones

Micron is currently sampling a monolithic 2-gigabit(Gb) low-power DDR2 (LPDDR2) memory device designed to facilitate improved battery life and optimized system performance for ARM-based smartphones. 

Report: Apple to support iPhone multitasking

Apple will reportedly offer a multitasking "solution" for third-party apps with the release of its long-awaited iPhone OS 4.0.

Pixel Qi screen kit extends battery life

Display start-up Pixel Qi says that swapping a laptop screen for one of its own models can greatly extend battery life - and it's so easy a five-year-old can do it.

Nvidia introduces Optimus technology for notebooks

Nvidia has introduced an intelligent switching technology for notebook PCs that automatically selects the optimal graphics processor for running a specific application.