Polymer jelly could lead to cheaper lithium batteries

University of Leeds scientists say they've found a way to make cheaper lithium batteries without compromising performance.

Children given lead poisoning by battery industry

Battery recycling plants in the developing world are leaving local children with dangerous levels of lead in their bodies.

Green flight challenge gets Google backing

Snoopy will have more than the Red Baron to keep an eye on as competitors take to the skies above California's Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport this fall in pursuit of a $1.65 million prize for fuel-efficient aircraft. 

Macs can be hacked through battery vulnerability

Security expert Charlie Miller of Accuvant says he's discovered that Apple laptops are vulnerable to being hacked through the chip that manages battery charging.

Online shoppers pay more when privacy guaranteed

An ingenious study has found that online shoppers - often thought to be motivated primarily by cost - are, in fact, often willing to pay extra to buy from vendors with strong privacy policies.

HP recalls yet more batteries

Oopsidaisy: HP has realized that it's been using dodgy batteries in a whole load more notebook PCs, and has issued another recall.

New lithium-ion battery could power electric vehicles

Car companies are rapidly developing electric and hybrid electric vehicles. One of the challenges they deal with is discovering a proper energy storage system. They may now have a solution to that problem.

Obama wants one million EVs by 2015

In a State of the Union address packed with nods to cleantech, President Obama's call for the United States to become the first nation with one million electric vehicles on the road - and to do it by 2015 - could easily have been heard and then forgotten.

'Nanoscoops' could lead to new battery technology

New batteries based on an entirely new type of nanomaterial are claimed to charge more than 40 times faster than today’s lithium-ion batteries.

2nd Life for electric vehicle batteries?

Second life for electric car batteries? No, it’s not a world of electric virtual avatars - it’s a plan under development by Duke Energy and Tokyo-based cleantech ITOCHU to develop applications for spent car batteries.

Virus-based battery to power US military

A new type of virus-based battery is under development for the US army and could soon be woven into military uniforms.

Peronal fuel cell powers gadgets with water

A Singapore-based company has launched a portable fuel cell that can power gadgets using only water.

Tiny generators draw power from thin air

Tiny generators developed at the University of Michigan could produce enough electricity to run a wristwatch or wireless sensor - just from the ambient vibrations in the air.